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Lawyers in Turkey
Lawyers in Turkey
Legal services in Turkey

Lawyers in Turkey

Our experienced lawyers in Turkey offer legal services for investors interested in doing business in this country.

Litigation cases

Our lawyers will represent you in local courts.

Open a company

We help you set up any type of company in Turkey.


Do you need permits/licenses for your business? Contact us.

Company liquidation

Legal assistance for company dissolution.

Debt collection

Do you want to recover a debt? Contact us.

Tax advice/planning

Legal advice for tax minimization.

Do you need legal help?

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Law Firm in Turkey

Law Firm in Turkey

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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Our law firm offers legal advice, assistance and representation in Turkey at the highest standards for individuals and companies. Each task is made in our client’s favor and it is our lawyers’ competence to take over the most difficult questions and to provide the clearest answers.

Our lawyers’ objective is to protect the private interests of our clients in Turkey, based on our solid experience materialized in professional advice, assistance and legal representation. We are a dedicated team of lawyers who provide the best expertise and we prove the best relationships with our clients and exceptional services.

We have developed a strong relationship with customers and every client is treated confidentially and in a professional manner, as our lawyers understand the needs and offer the most efficient solution.

We invite you to watch a video about the legal services offered by our law firm in Turkey to foreign investors who want to open a company in Turkey:


Assistance throughout the procedure of setting up a company

The success of our law firm in Turkey was built on talent and dedication, excellent results, focus in representing the customer needs and solving the problems in the most professional manner. When you are interested in opening a company in Turkey, our law firm in Turkey will assist you during the entire procedure, from the the action of opening of a share capital account, to the Notary procedure and finally in the registration with Turkey Trade Register.

Our law firm in Turkey covers a wide range of services in terms of legal involvement, including the liquidation of a company in Turkey, by offering you full support in accordance with the Commercial Code. Read more about this procedure here.

Being a team composed of professional attorneys, we involve and represent clients before the court, jurisdictional authorities, public administration bodies, institutions and other legal entities, bailiffs, notaries public.

We offer a wide range of legal services

For example, we provide legal services for our clients who have to do with debt collection. The law firm in Turkey that we are working with is able to offer their services in all the steps of the procedure from sending the demand letters and finalizing with the hearings before the court and further actions implied. Check our brief information about debt collection in Turkey here. Furthermore, if you are dealing with debt collection in another country, we can put you in touch with our partner law firms, as we have an extensive network of affiliates in numerous countries, such as IrelandSlovakia, Poland or Thailand.

You have below a map of Turkey; in order to see the services offered by our lawyers in the main Turkish cities, place the mouse over the map and then click on the arrow next to the city you are interested in.

Our lawyers in Turkey will also provide full service in cases of bankruptcy, by following one of the two procedures provided by the law: either a Haciz - a process that begins with filling an order which will be served to the debtor and when no objections are submitted the assets are liquidated and the claims are covered, or an Ilfaz, or bankruptcy liquidation, which starts by sending an order of payment to the indebted and continues with the trial proceeding between the creditor that raised the complaint and the debtor. 

Your company’s financial wellness is also essential to us and, in this sense, our law firm in Turkey is working with experienced accountants who are able to offer you the best tax advice and services. By choosing our team you will find out if you are eligible for double taxation exemption and what can you do to avoid this payment. Read more on this issue here.

Whenever you need counseling and representation for any litigation case, our lawyers will provide the best services, with guaranteed results and they are able to represent you before the court of justice, the criminal courts, the supreme courts and before any other legal authority.

If you need legal assistance in other European countries, such as Malta, Russia or Latvia  you may contact our local lawyers.