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Turkey to Enhance Economic Relations with ASEAN


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a regional organization comprised of 10 countries in Southeast Asia which has the role of facilitating economic cooperation between its member states and other countries in around the world. Turkey has good relations with ASEAN and at the beginning of August it became a sectorial dialogue partner for the Association. Our lawyers in Turkey can offer more information on the agreements between Turkey and ASEAN members.

Turkish Machinery Exports Rose by 5.2% in the First Half of 2017


Turkey is home to some of the largest machinery producers in the world. Most of these products are exported to Europe and Asia and the first half of this year was one of the most productive for this industry. Machinery exports brought 8 billion USD to the Turkish Gross Domestic Product during the first seven months of the year. If you are interested in investing in this sector, our law firm in Turkey can help you with the company registration procedure.

Cheaper Loans and Tax Incentives Drive Growth into the Turkish Real Estate Sector


The real estate industry is on a strong rebound these months in Turkey, as recent surveys show. During the first months of 2017, close to 130,000 properties were sold all over the country, thanks to a slight decrease in loan interests, but also to a series of tax incentives offered by the government to those purchasing real estate. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the real estate industry can receive assistance from our law firm in Turkey.

E-commerce Has Great Growth Potential in Turkey


E-commerce has become a global trend in our days and Turkish companies are orienting towards setting up their own platforms in order to reach more customers, according to a recent report issued by the Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD). The same agency announces the e-commerce sector has a great growth potential if certain measures to help it would be undertaken by the authorities. Our lawyers in Turkey can offer more information on the legislation covering e-commerce.

The Turkish Manufacturing Industry Registered Highest Increase in Three Months


The third month of 2017 brought the largest increase for the manufacturing sector since 2014, according to the Turkish National Statistics Institute. The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose to 52.3 points last month, 2.6% higher than it was in February. The main increase surged from the higher output of manufacturing companies in Turkey. Our lawyers in Turkey can assist foreign enterprisers interested in investing in the manufacturing sector.

Turkish Exports Registered Important Growth in March


Trading companies in Turkey have been doing well if we consider the latest data issued by the Exporters’ Assembly of Turkey (TIM) which shows a spectacular increase in export numbers since the beginning of the year. On an annual basis, exports have rose by 19%, 6.7% higher than during the previous year. Foreign investors interested in setting up a trading company can obtain assistance from our law firm in Turkey.

Turkey and UK to Discuss Free Trade Deal


Turkey wants to keep its connection with the United Kingdom once the latter exists the European Union, considering the important trading relations the two countries share within the EU. In order to achieve that, the Turkish minister for the economy stressed the importance of signing a free trade deal with the UK which should come into effect once Brexit is completed. Our Turkish lawyers can offer more information on the existing agreements between Turkey and the UK.

Turkish Automotive Sector Registered High Growth at the Beginning of 2017


The automotive industry registered serious growth last year in Turkey and the statistics for the first two months of 2017 show the same positive trend, according to the Automotive Industry Association. Exports have also rose in this sector, contributing significantly to the country’s economy at the beginning of the year. Our lawyers in Turkey can assist foreign investors interested in setting up companies in this well-performing industry.

The Tourism in Turkey is Still a Strong Field to Invest in 2017

Turkey is for sure one of the most visited country worldwide, being placed in the top ten preferred destinations in the world. With a great geographic location, existing potential, and more than 25 million tourists per year, Turkey generates money from this important and major sector. In 2017, the country goes with the same trends, and Istanbul aligns with Milan, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and many other exquisite cities where tourism encountered great success. Our Turkish lawyers are ready to offer comprehensive information about how to invest in tourism in Turkey and can also offer legal services for your company.

VAT Exemption for Overseas Investors in Real Estate


Making investments in Turkey has always been a suitable and interesting option for overseas businessmen who want to develop their activities in the real estate sector. Starting this year, the advantages are even more attractive in this domain because the government has eliminated the VAT for the first assets bought in Turkey by a foreign businessman. Our Turkish lawyers can provide you with information and details about taxation system in the country and can offer legal services when registering a company in Turkey.

Arab Entrepreneurs are Interested in Investing in Turkish Real Estate


It is well-known that Arab businessmen are always interested in investing in numerous countries worldwide where the economy is on the right track. Turkey makes no exception, and investments in Turkish real estate are prepared for 2017. A foreign financier needs complete and suitable information about the taxation system in the country, which is why we recommend the legal services of our lawyers in Turkey before making any movement.

Tax Exemptions for Certain Types of Investments in Turkey


If you plan to make investments in Turkey, you should know that the government is preparing different incentives for numerous projects. The VAT may also suffer changes so does the insurance for employees. Our Turkish lawyers are able to provide you with information and details about the legal services necessary for your company and about the rules and regulations connected to the foreign investments in Turkey.

Investment Opportunities in Turkey's Real Estate


According to recent analysis, Turkey is one of the most favorable real estate markets in Europe. Having a great location, between Central Asia, Middle East and Europe, Turkey offers important investment openings in the real estate sector, due to the flourishing trades and commercial developments.

Purchase a company or register a new one?

Registering a company can be a lengthy process, especially if you are a foreign investor and you don’t know the local procedures and laws and you don’t have a local specialist in company formation to help you with the incorporation.  

Better Employment Conditions for Foreigners in Turkey

Turkey will introduce a number of new measures for improving the work conditions in the country. A new employment qualification system will be used and foreign workers who will only work on a short-term basis in the country will also receive a work permit. After the changes are approved, the Turkish Ministry will be the only governmental body responsible for issuing work permits for foreigners.

The Top Importers of Baklava from Turkey


Baklava is Turkey’s traditional sweet nutty pastry that accounts for an important part of its exports. During the last five years, the exports of baklava have increased substantially. Some 48 countries on six continents import this sweet product, but the United States is the top importer of traditional Turkish desserts. Dessert manufacturers in Turkey who choose to open a business that commercializes pastry can rely on this dessert’s popularity to increase the number of exports.

Moody’s: Turkish Cities with Strong Potential for Investments


Credit rating agency Moody’s released a note describing the strengths of two important Turkish cities, Istanbul and Izmir. According to experts, these cities have a good self-financing ability and large investment programs are sustainable here. Istanbul is also one of the top locations used by foreign companies looking to do business in Turkey.

Investment Opportunities in Alternative Energy in Turkey


Turkey presents important opportunities for investments in solar and wind energy. Foreign investors from Germany are already planning to enter the Turkish solar energy market, with business opportunities being encouraged by a new issuance of licenses in June this year.

The Turkish Economy Increased in The Fourth Quarter of 2015 by 5.7 percent


The Turkish economy is growing fast after a slow economic development; the fourth quarter of 2015 marked an impressive economic growth, which was established at a level above of the expectations expressed by international bodies. As such, foreign businessmen are advised to invest in this economy, as there are important business prospects in this sense. Entrepreneurs can request for assistance on this matter from our team of Turkish lawyers. 

Turkey to Increase Investments in the Energy Sector


Investors interested in the Turkish energy sector can have very good business prospects in this sense, as the Turkish government is carrying out new strategies to further develop this industry. Foreign investors are encouraged to invest in Turkey through the measures which are imposed by several important bodies of the state, such as Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources or the Investment Support and Promotion Agency. Entrepreneurs who want open a company in Turkey can receive assistance on this subject from our team of Turkish lawyers. 

New Record for the Exports in the Automotive Industry


Automotive industry in Turkey reached a new record in February 2016; as such, foreign businessmen who want to establish their business presence on the Turkish market are advised to invest in this field. Our team our Turkish lawyers can assist local and foreign entrepreneurs to open a company in Turkey; the lawyers can provide legal advice on various steps of the incorporation process and can help businessmen to receive permits and licenses required under the Turkish legislation. 

Economic and Trade Relations Between Turkey and Iran to Boost


New trade relationships will be established between Turkey and Iran, thus increasing economic development in the area. Foreign investors interested in the business opportunities that may arise from this new partnership can receive an in-depth presentation on the agreement from our team of Turkish lawyers. 

Big Korean Companies to Participate in Development Projects in Turkey


Foreign investors interested in the Turkish business environment should know that, recently, the representatives of Turkey and South Korea have discussed on the development projects that will be created in Turkey, with the help of the Korean input. Entrepreneurs interested in setting up a company in Turkey are advised to invest in fields such as manufacturing or technology industries; according to the representative of South Korean, these industries will have a great impact on the Turkish economy; if you need further information on the business opportunities arising here, our Turkish law firm can assist you on this matter. 

Important Projects for Developing the Infrastructure in Istanbul


Turkey’s most developed cities are going through major development projects. The most important development projects are set up in Istanbul, which is the largest city in Turkey, with a population or more than 14 million inhabitants. Foreign investors interested in the infrastructure projects are advised to expand their business operations in Istanbul and in other major cities in Turkey. Our Turkish lawyers can provide you with more details on the infrastructure projects available here. 

Turkey Closer to a New Customs Union with EU

Turkey is taking steps towards implementing a policy that would extend the currently out-of date Customs Union with the EU. This is important for sustaining the economic relationship between the two and for bringing Turkey closer to Europe in terms of collaboration and even foreign investments.