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Turkey to Launch National Maritime Traffic System in 2019

Written by: Bridgewest

At the end of 2017, Turkey has announced it will start the work on a national maritime traffic system which would reduce the dependency of foreign countries. The work will begin at the beginning of this year and will be ready in maximum 16 months, as the Ministry for Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications wants the system to be ready by April 2019. Our lawyers in Turkey can offer information on the Maritime Law applicable in this country.

The cost of the project will rise to 59 million Turkish liras

Having an indigenous maritime traffic system will be extremely helpful for all companies which have ships that transit Turkey, according to the Ministry for Transport. It will also be benefic for the maritime authorities in Turkey which will no longer depend on neighboring countries, but it will strengthen relations with other states.

The project will cost the government 59 million Turkish liras, approximately 15 million US dollars, and will be completed by a software company in collaboration with a local defense contractor.

The project should be completed by April 15th, 2019.

What will be the use of the Turkish maritime traffic system?

Through this system, the Turkish authorities want to keep track of all vessels transiting national waters and would be able to offer information on them instantly.

Also, 90% of the world trade is completed by sea transport and Turkey plays an important role as it is home to 174 international harbors and maritime safety is crucial in this case. This is another reason for Turkey to improve its safety standards in the maritime industry.

Turkey has one of the largest coastal lines in the world spanning over 8,000 kilometers and access to no less than 4 seas which make it an important maritime hub.

Among the most developed activities related to the maritime sector are ship repair and maintenance, deep-sea fishing, ferry services, marine aquaculture, coastal tourism, marine renewable energy production and not to mention trading.

Foreign investors who want to invest in the maritime industry in Turkey can set up companies in any of the sectors mentioned above. If you need assistance in registering a business in the maritime industry, please feel free to contact our law firm in Turkey.