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Land Registry Office in Turkey

Land Registry Office in Turkey

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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land_registry_turkey.jpgForeign investors are allowed to buy properties in Turkey, according to the recent amendments of the Turkish law. In the past, some of the foreign real persons all around the world couldn’t buy properties in Turkey, if their country didn’t allowed Turkish citizens to purchase properties in those countries. The reciprocity principle in the law was changed in 2012 through the amendments made to the Land Registry Law.

At present times, 183 nationalities can buy properties in Turkey with no restrictions, but in the past the number was limited at 89.  Now, there are still a few nationalities that can’t buy real estate properties in Turkey or have restrictions.

If you want to know if you are allowed to buy properties in Turkey, you can ask at the Land Registry Office. The foreign investors who intend to buy land or buildings in Turkey should check at the Land Registry Office if there are any restrictions for them.

Restrictions for foreigners

In order to buy land or buildings in Turkey, the foreigner must be a citizen of a country which is mentioned on a list at the Land Registry Office. Even if his nationality is allowed to buy, there is a restriction regarding the size of the area. The foreign people cannot purchase more than 30 hectares in the country side of Turkey or no more than 10% of the urban area in a district from a town. If somebody wants to buy more than 30 hectares, he can ask the Council of Ministers in Turkey to allow the increase of the surface up to 60 hectares.

Foreigners should know that the Council of Ministers can limit or even ban their purchase if there are national interests related to that land or building. When the foreigners want to buy land in a military zone or other strategic zones, they need a special permit from the Turkish authorities.

The steps of buying property in Turkey

Before purchasing a property in Turkey, the foreign citizen must submit an application (and a few documents), together with the seller, to the local Land Registry Office where is located the property. Every purchase procedure has two steps: the pre-sale approval (from the Land Registry Office) and signing the documents for buying/selling.

If you don’t know Turkish, you can hire a translator in order to help you with the whole procedure. There is also the possibility to hire a local Turkish lawyer who will offer you legal assistance during the procedure, if you have doubts regarding the property you want to buy.