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Legal services offered by our lawyers in Turkey

Legal Services in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 18th May 2016

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legal_services_turkey.jpg Foreign investors who decide to open a company in Turkey can rely on the expertise and assistance of our law firm in Turkey. Our legal experts specialize in a wide range of legal areas, including commercial and business law, civil law and criminal law issues. We can help you and your business with personalized services and our experts can facilitate your relation with the Turkish authorities. 

If you want to purchase a property in Turkey or start the preliminary stages of company formation but cannot be present in the country our experts can perform the necessary legal actions in your name with the help of a power of attorney.

Services offered by our law firm in Turkey

Our law firm in Turkey offers a wide variety of legal services for international investors:

incorporation of Turkish firms

Our lawyers in Turkey assist foreign entrepreneurs with the incorporation of companies in Turkish major cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir etc. We help you register a Turkish limited liability company, a Turkish joint stock company and other types of companies, according to the Turkish law.  Besides these legal services, we offer company domiciliation, accounting services etc. for your business in Turkey.

opening subsidiaries/branches in Turkey

If you need to open in Turkey a subsidiary or a branch of your company registered abroad, we will help you with the incorporation procedure.

obtaining special permits or licenses

In order to run certain activities in Turkey, you will need special permits and licenses. You don’t have personally go to the Turkish authorities to submit all the documents required for obtaining the permits. Our Turkish lawyers will represent you in front of Turkish authorities and they will help you with the authorizations.

- mergers and acquisitions in Turkey

When you need legal assistance for mergers and acquisitions in Turkey, our law firm in Turkey is there for you and all you have to do is to contact our attorneys.

- liquidation and dissolution of Turkey companies

When you decide to end the activities of your business in Turkey, you will need legal advice regarding the procedure. Our Turkish lawyers offer you assistance for liquidation/ dissolution of your company in Turkey.

- commercial litigation

If you have problems related to commercial litigation, our Turkish lawyers will represent you in front of Turkish courts, in all the stages of a litigation.

- tax compliance and tax planning

Our specialists in local taxation will provide valuable information related to the minimization of the taxes you will pay for your business in Turkey and they will help you plan your future budget according to your company’s needs. For all other types of legal services, you may contact our attorneys in Turkey.

Doing business in Turkey

Turkey has an important advantage for all foreign investors who want to base their business here: it is located at the crossroads between two important markets: Europe and Asia. The country continues to act as a bridge between continents and much of its economy is based precisely on this attractive location.
Turkey has entered into a customs union with the European Union and its trade relations with the EU have expanded over the years. A number of new business and commercial regulations implemented in 2012 aimed at encouraging foreign investments and making the country more attractive for foreign entrepreneurs.
Travel, tourism, textiles, and retail are just some of the most attractive industries in Turkey and one of the key recipients of foreign direct investments.
We invite you to watch a video about the types of legal services offered by our law firm in Turkey: