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Marriage Registration in Turkey

Marriage Registration in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

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marriage-registration-in-turkey.jpgCivil marriages in Turkey are legally recognized and must meet certain conditions. Our Turkish lawyers can ease the marriage registration procedure in Turkey and can provide you with information, details and guidelines about the necessary documents you need to provide. Please take into consideration that if the marriage is not allowed in your home country for different reasons, the same thing is available in Turkey, and officials cannot perform such marriage.

Necessary documents for marriage registration in Turkey

If you wish to get married in Turkey, there are specific documents to prepare and certain conditions to meet, such as:
•    a certificate that proves you are eligible for marriage (affidavit);
•    a medical certificate;
•    the valid passports;
•    the identification cards;
•    the divorce papers if the case requires.
If the future spouse is under 19 years old then a parent consent will be mandatory. Turkish women who have divorced in the past will need to wait for about 300 days until they marry once again, according to the rules and regulations of the country.  Besides the marriage registration procedure, it is good to know that our lawyers in Turkey can provide you with important guidance and legal services if you want to obtain the divorce certificate.

The marriage between two foreigners in Turkey

Foreigners who live in Turkey can register their marriage at the Consulate of their home country if they’ve prepared a certificate of eligibility in such matter or a statement from the Embassy of their country in Turkey. You should know that you will need a translator if you and your spouse have no Turkish language knowledge. Our lawyer in Turkey can help you in this matter and can offer assistance when preparing the documents.

The marriage between a foreigner and a Turkish citizen

Besides preparing the certificate of eligibility for marriage, the valid passports, the birth certificates and other significant documents, the two spouses will need to give notice of their marital status at the register office in their home country.
People who wish to get married in Turkey may ask for guidance and legal assistance from our law firm in Turkey, so please feel free to contact us.