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Obtain information about the Turkish companies

Obtain information about the Turkish companies

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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information_about_turkish_companies.jpgAny foreign entrepreneur who wants to obtain information about a company registered in Turkey may request it from the local Trade Register. This entity has a database containing various information about all the companies incorporated in Turkey. The access to this database is free for the public and the details about Turkish companies can be obtained by filing a request.

The employees from the Turkish Trade Register are allowed to offer information about a company’s name, its official address, details about the shareholders, the share capital etc. The request can be send by e-mail, mail or the person who wants to find out details about a company can go in person to the local Trade Register.

Other attributes of the Turkish Trade Register

At the local Trade Register, you can go in order to incorporate a company in Turkey, after you have prepared the requested documents. If you don’t have time or you don’t want to go in person to Turkey, you may give the power of attorney to one of our Turkish lawyers who will handle the entire registration procedure.

After you send all the documents required to our law firm in Turkey, our representatives will go to the local Trade Register to submit them in order to obtain the registration of the new company.

For incorporation of a company, you need the following documents:

-   articles of association - notarized;
-   a proof from the bank for the payment of 0.04% of the share capital to the Competition Authority;
-   the signatures of the directors and other persons authorized to represent the company;
-   founders’ declaration;
-   the proof for the payment of the minimum capital share;
-   photos of the founders of the company.

These are the documents you need for opening a limited liability company, the most common type of legal entity in Turkey. If you want to set up other types of companies, such as a joint stock company, a commandite or a collective company, you may contact our lawyers in Turkey in order to find out what other documents you need or what type of company is more appropriate for your business.