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Open a Restaurant in Turkey

Open a Restaurant in Turkey

Updated on Sunday 16th July 2017

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Open-a-restaurant-in-TurkeyForeign investors who want to explore various branches of the tourism industry can set up food establishments in Turkey. While some of them work very well in collaborations with hotels established in famous resorts, big cities like Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir are also good places for opening restaurants in Turkey. The decision for setting up the restaurants is entirely up to the future owner who can also take into account aspects like the type of food the restaurant will offer or if it will also have a catering division. No matter the specific of the Turkish restaurant, the steps to open it and the laws to follow are the same.

Our lawyers in Turkey can offer information on the legislation related to starting a food business in this country.

First step to open a Turkish restaurant: register a company

In order to open a restaurant in Turkey, a local or a foreign investor must first select and register one of the types of structures acknowledged by the Commercial Law. Among these, the private limited liability company is one of the most suitable options. The minimum capital required to set up this type of company is 10,000 Turkish liras (close to 3,000 euros), however the restaurant owner must also consider the expenses related to premises, the utensils and the products used to cook the food.

It is best to ask for the services of a lawyer in Turkey who can handle the company registration procedure when opening a restaurant in this country.

Licenses for restaurants in Turkey

Once the Turkish company which will serve food and beverages is settled, the licensing phase begins. Frist of all, according to the Food Law in Turkey, the premises of the restaurant must be inspected by the General Directorate for Food and Control within the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Livestock which will ensure the establishment respects all the norms related to the storage and cooking of the raw products.

Also, the staff hired by Turkish restaurants must have obtained certain qualifications which will be directly related to the job they perform.

For full information on the requirements related to opening a restaurant in Turkey, please contact us. Our law firm in Turkey can also assist with the registration of the company with the Trade Register.