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Open Investment Fund in Turkey

Open Investment Fund in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

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NameThe Turkish economy has increased in the last years, and many foreign investors choose to develop businesses in many different areas in the country. The investment fund refers to a capital resource offered by many investors who use it to buy securities, and having total control of their shares. In order to select the proper investment domain, all foreign businessmen will first of all consider the risks, the costs and if there are important purposes to gain. If you wish to open an investment fund in Turkey you can solicit the help and the legal assistance from our team of lawyers in Turkey.

Types of investment funds in Turkey

The Turkish Investment Fund (TIF) is separated into protected funds, sector funds, index funds, hedge funds and bond-bill funds, and they are also knows as mutual funds. In order to open an investment fund in Turkey, any individual must receive the Capital Markets Board (CMB) authorization, and the investment fund needs to be set by a Turkish public enterprise. Any businessman who wishes to set up an investment fund in turkey can also demand details about the venture capital fund, the exchange-traded fund, the real estate investment fund and the pension fund. Each fund has a clear investment objective to define the responsibility of the investment manager and to help stockholders choose if the fund is suitable for them.

How to set up an investment fund in Turkey

The Turkish legislation regarding the TIFs offer the investment possibility to any registered company in the country. The CMB will approve the depositary arrangements and the fund will be kept as commended by the law. Any necessary documents for opening an investment fund in Turkey must contain the company’s internal regulations and they will need to be accepted by the Capital Markets Board in Turkey.
Take into consideration that our law firm in Turkey is able to give proper guidance and legal assistance when preparing the papers containing the internal rules of the investment fund. As a reminder, these documents must also be approved by the Trade Register in Turkey.
Any details and information about how to open an investment fund in this country can be provided by our lawyers in Turkey, so please feel free to contact us.