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Reasons for Investing in Turkey

Reasons for Investing in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 23rd August 2017

NameTurkey has always offered numerous investment opportunities and a stable economic growth which still attracts the overseas investors. According to statistics, Turkey is the 17th largest economy in the world, with a GDP (gross domestic product) growth of about 3.8 % this year. Low taxes, a developed market, infrastructure and an excellent location are among reasons why foreign investors choose Turkey to set up all types of businesses. Our Turkish lawyers are ready to provide you with information and guidance if you are interested in making investments in the country.

Great location and infrastructure

The strategic location of Turkey implies Asia and Europe, and cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Adana, Izmir or Bursa are top choices for businessmen who wish to establish their companies in this country. The openings to the Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, besides the well-developed shipping industry, have offered great importance to the country’s economic sectors. About 8,500 km of the coastline have important and developed ports for a proper function of the trade activities. Our lawyer in Turkey is able to offer details and important information about the investment opportunities in the country.
The railway system in Turkey covers about 11,000 km and it is developing daily, due to modern and well-planned government reforms. This is an important conveyance in Turkey, with direct implications in different economic sectors in the country and outside of it. Besides that, the highway system is quite consistent and covers about 383,000 km, one of the main aspects to consider when having a business in Turkey.

The main business sectors with full potential in Turkey

The energy, the construction, the chemical and the automotive industry offers excellent investment openings and a proper environment for all people who want to make 100% profit. The tobacco industry is extremely tempting, and here the numbers say that Turkey is the third largest exporter. Beside these important sectors, the manufacturing field represents about 30% of the annual GDP. The tourism sector has full potential, due to the excellent location and the proper climate of the country, where businessmen have developed numerous accommodations, hotels, and high-class buildings. Foreign investors who choose to establish a company in Turkey have the possibility to hire the workforce available here and can rely on their experience and knowledge.
The law related to foreign investments in Turkey offers accessibility and a proper approach to all overseas entrepreneurs.  Regarding the taxes, many companies are exempt from certain fees, and the corporate tax is set to 20%.
Our law firm in Turkey can offer information and guidance if you want to make investments in Turkey, or if you need legal services, therefore, do not hesitate  to contact us.