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Types of Investment Funds in Turkey

Types of Investment Funds in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

NameTurkey has always offered a proper environment for foreign investments and several businessmen have chosen industries like tourism or real estate, while other prefer the financial industry. It is good to know that the Turkish law encourages the investment funds industry. Our lawyers in Turkey are able to provide you with suitable and complete information regarding all types of investment funds in the country.

Investment funds in Turkey

Local and foreign funds are the main investment funds categories in Turkey, that can be distributed into numerous types, such as real estate funds, hedge funds, equity funds, pension funds, protected funds, index funds and mutual funds. No matter the investments you might choose, our law firm in Turkey will offer legal assistance proper recommendations.

The mutual funds in Turkey

The mutual funds in Turkey refer to the portfolios containing capital market instruments like bonds, stocks and valuable metals on assets raised from the stockholders. Every foreign investor turns into a stockholder of the fund upon having a membership certificate that exemplifies part of the portfolio administered by the fund.
It is good to know that in Turkey, mutual funds do not allocate any supplementary dividend at the end of the year. The foreign investment funds in Turkey are not allowed to trade on the Stock Exchange in Turkey, but a foreign business can make such investments using shares on the local market. The Capital Markets Board in Turkey is the only financial agency that can approve the foreign investment funds, and a brokerage firm can do all the necessary submissions. For all types of investment funds, our lawyer in Turkey will provide you will legal assistance and detailed information.

Why have investment funds in Turkey?

Many overseas businessmen choose to open investment funds in Turkey, due to the country’s developed economy. Presently, the Turkish government is preparing important reforms and there are strong reasons for optimism, in order to receive long term investments.
Our law firm in Turkey is able to offer information, assistance in preparing the documents, if you wish to open investment funds in the country, so please feel free to contact us.