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Our experienced lawyers in Turkey offer legal services for investors interested in doing business in this country.

Law Firm in Turkey

Law Firm in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 23rd September 2021

Our law firm in Turkey offers legal advice, assistance, and representation at the highest standards for individuals and companies. Each task is made in our client’s favor and it is our lawyers’ competence to take over the most difficult questions and to provide the clearest answers. Our lawyers’ objective is to protect the private interests of our clients in Turkey, based on our solid experience materialized in professional advice, assistance, and legal representation. We are a dedicated team of Turkish lawyers who provide the best expertise and we prove the best relationships with our clients and exceptional services.
The services offered by CS Yonetim ve Destek Hizmetleri are oriented towards foreign investors who want to open companies in Turkey. We also offer a wide range of taxation-related services, such as tax advisory and accounting services. We have developed a strong relationship with customers and every client is treated confidentially and in a professional manner as we understand their needs and offer the most efficient solution. We invite you to watch a video about the legal services offered by our law firm in Turkey to foreign investors who want to open a company in Turkey:


Legal services in Turkey


The following legal services are offered by our team of Turkish lawyers:
  • assistance in corporate matters, such as company registration, business consulting and assistance in employment matters;
  • assistance in civil matters, such as family law, residency, and citizenship in Turkey;
  • assistance in tax matters, among which tax minimization solutions and advice in double tax treaty matters;
  • assistance in litigation cases related to employment, contracts, debt collection, tenancy eviction, etc.;
  • assistance in real estate matters, such as buying residential or commercial properties and real estate due diligence services.


Legal advice in civil matters in Turkey


Many foreign citizens are interested in immigrating to Turkey for work or business purposes, as the country offers many opportunities for both categories of immigrants. Our lawyer in Turkey can help in the following cases related to the Civil Law:
  • business and work immigration: we can help foreigners apply for various types of visas;
  • applying for citizenship through various investment programs available in Turkey;
  • assistance in civil marriage, divorce, child and spouse maintenance, under the Family Law;
  • guidance in various types of litigation procedures related to civil causes, such as contract disputes.


Our Turkish law firm can also advise on various aspects related to the Employment Law. We can help both employers and employees resolve various disputes.


Buying a property with the help of our lawyer in Turkey


The number of foreign citizens interested in buying properties in Turkey has increased substantially in the last few years. Turkey is a very sought vacation destination; however, many foreigners buy properties here as investments. We kindly invite those who want to buy real estate in Turkey to get in touch with our local lawyers if they are interested in legal real estate due diligence. We can ensure that the property they choose is free of any encumbrances and debts.
We can also carry out reports with the Land Register, prepare the sale-purchase contract and offer legal consultancy throughout the procedure of acquiring the property. After the property is purchased, we can help with its registration with the Land Registry. We can guide foreign citizens who want to buy real estate for living, leisure or business purposes. Contact our lawyer in Turkey for details.


Assistance throughout the procedure of setting up a company


The success of our law firm in Turkey was built on talent and dedication, excellent results, focus in representing the customer needs and solving the problems in the most professional manner. When you are interested in opening a company in Turkey, our law firm in Turkey will assist you during the entire procedure, from the action of the opening of a share capital account to the Notary procedure and finally in the registration with Turkey Trade Register. Our law firm in Turkey covers a wide range of services in terms of legal involvement, including the liquidation of a company in Turkey, by offering you full support in accordance with the Commercial Code. Read more about this procedure here.
Being a team composed of professional attorneys, we involve and represent clients before the court, jurisdictional authorities, public administration bodies, institutions, and other legal entities, bailiffs, notaries public.

Types of companies in Turkey


Foreign investors who want to open a company in Turkey can choose between the following types of entities which are prescribed by the Commercial Code and presented by our lawyer in Turkey:


  1. The ordinary partnership which requires to members called partners and who are liable for the debts and obligations of the business with their personal assets.
  2. The business corporation which is also known as a joint stock company and which is allowed to trade its shares on the Stock Market.
  3. The limited liability company which is also known as the partnership with limited liability.
  4. The collective company which is similar to a general partnership in European countries.
  5. The commandite company which is similar to the limited partnership in Europe. It requires at least two shareholders.
  6. The cooperative company which is the oldest business form in Turkey and which allows for an unlimited number of shareholders.


Debt collection services in Turkey


For example, we provide legal services for our clients who have to do with debt collection. The law firm in Turkey that we are working with is able to offer their services in all the steps of the procedure from sending the demand letters and finalizing with the hearings before the court and further actions implied. Check our brief information about debt collection in Turkey here. Furthermore, if you are dealing with debt collection in another country, we can put you in touch with our partner law firms, as we have an extensive network of affiliates in numerous countries, such as IrelandSlovakia, Poland or Thailand.

Assistance in bankruptcy cases in Turkey


Our lawyers in Turkey will also provide full service in cases of bankruptcy, by following one of the two procedures provided by the law: either a Haciz - a process that begins with filling an order which will be served to the debtor and when no objections are submitted the assets are liquidated and the claims are covered, or an Ilfaz, or bankruptcy liquidation, which starts by sending an order of payment to the indebted and continues with the trial proceeding between the creditor that raised the complaint and the debtor.


Business consulting services offered by our lawyer in Turkey


Our attorneys in Turkey can offer a wide range of business consulting services. From advice on the best way to choose the appropriate business structure for a company to guidance on how to apply for the necessary business licenses, we can ensure a swift entrance on the Turkish market. Our lawyers in Turkey can also advise on the signing of various types of contracts and entering diverse commercial relations, by conducting efficient company due diligence procedures. We can also advise on merger and acquisition procedures, as well as help in the creation of various types of joint ventures, depending on the clients’ preferences. No matter the type of business consulting services you need, we will help you make an informed decision.

Tax advice in Turkey


Your company’s financial wellness is also essential to us and, in this sense, our law firm in Turkey is working with experienced accountants who are able to offer you the best tax advice and services. By choosing our team you will find out if you are eligible for double taxation exemption and what can you do to avoid this payment. Read more on this issue here.


Assistance in litigation cases in Turkey


Whenever you need counseling and representation for any litigation case, our lawyers will provide the best services, with guaranteed results and they are able to represent you before the court of justice, the criminal courts, the supreme courts and before any other legal authority. Please contact our Turkish lawyers for more information on our services and for tailored advice.

Litigation legislation in Turkey 

Foreign investors who need assistance in resolving any type of legal problem prescribed by the Turkish legislation can request for advice from our team of lawyers; they can also assist in litigation cases
As a general rule, the main dispute resolution in Turkey relates to litigation, which is performed in accordance with the main rule of law provided by the Code of Civil Procedure. Arbitration and mediation are legal procedures to which natural persons or legal entities can appeal as well; in the last years, these two types of dispute resolution measures became more popular in Turkey
Commercial litigation can be brought to claims in a period of ten years, under the provisions of the Turkish Code of Obligations. However, another period of five years is prescribed for several legal aspects, such as:
  • rent and interest;
  • accommodation;
  • claims in the construction sector;
  • claims from artwork;
  • claims from a partnership agreement. 
According to the Turkish legislation, a commercial dispute can be addressed to the commercial courts of first instance, but several litigation cases can be addressed only to specialized courts, as prescribed by the Code of Civil Procedure. 
The Article 4 of the Code stipulates that the following types of commercial disputes have to be concluded in a specialized court: 
  • tenancy disputes;
  • claims related to the sharing of movable and immovable property;
  • claims related to partnership agreements.
It is important to know that litigation cases in Turkey can be addressed to a court only through the legal representation of a Turkish lawyer. Our lawyer in Turkey can provide assistance for all the stages of a litigation case in Turkey, which can refer to the preliminary examinations, investigation on the case, the hearing and the appeal.

Court procedures in litigation in Turkey

The following procedures are followed when involved in a lawsuit in Turkey:
  1.     the petition stage is the first step when starting a trial in Turkey – it involves filing the claim with the Turkish court;
  2.     the preliminary hearings involve the court procedures through which the judge hears the case of the claimant and the defendant;
  3.     the examination phase implies the court reviewing the evidence submitted by both parties in the trial;
  4.     the oral hearing procedures imply testimonies from the claimant, the defendant, and other witnesses;
  5.     the decision stage is the last phase of court proceedings, as long as both parties agree with the verdict. If not, the last stage will be the appeal.
The Turkish judicial system is divided into two main parts: civil and military, both of them having ordinary and administrative structures.

The main types of Turkish jurisdictional fields:

1.    Court of Cassation for civil ordinary procedures
2.    Council of State for civil administrative procedures
3.    Military Court of Cassation for military criminal procedures
4.    High Military Administrative Court for military administrative procedures.

All these four courts can take the final decision in the disputes they judge. Above these courts, there is the Court of Jurisdictional Disputes that was enabled to solve the disputes between the other four courts and the Constitutional Court.

The Turkish judicial system mainly consists of:

-    Ministry of Justice
-    The High Council of Judges and Prosecutors
-    Supreme Courts
-    Courts of first instance and district courts.

The military courts generally judge only the military personnel, but there are some cases when the martial law is applied or others related to military service when also civilians can be judged.
In Turkish courts, there is no jury and the decisions are taken by judges based on the legislation and their own opinions regarding the cases. Judges can exercise the profession in criminal, civil or administrative cases.
Prosecutors of the Republic bring public charges against defendants and they are divided into branches, such as judges, according to their field of activity.
If you need legal assistance in other European countries, such as MaltaRussia or Latvia you may contact our local lawyers.