Business Consulting in Turkey

Business Consulting in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2023

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business_consulting_in_turkey.jpgAlmost every foreign entrepreneur who wants to set up a company in Turkey and begin an economic activity needs business consulting services tailored to its business needs. Starting a business in a foreign country, such as Turkey, is a challenging step for a foreign investor who doesn’t know the local procedures, details about the permits and licenses he needs for a certain activity or the local authorities where he must submit the required documents.

Our team of lawyers in Turkey can help you start a business in Turkey and adapt it to the specific of the local market which is a complex environment, different from the one in the native country of the entrepreneur. Our specialists will help the foreign investors find an effective business strategy and plan their objectives on medium and long term, according to the trends in the Turkish and global economy. If you have a good business strategy, you will manage to increase the revenues and obtain the desired results based on the right choices.

Business consulting services in Turkey

The companies interested in business consulting services in Turkey can benefit from: a business analysis and strategy, a marketing study and strategy, professional advice for better sales and increasing the revenues and other advice they may need for a successful business.
Our specialists can offer details about the business opportunities in Turkey and the partnerships you can benefit from with local businessmen who have the same goals, especially in the trading field and for importing/exporting. The business consulting services are provided before, during and after deciding to close a business in Turkey.
If you are interested in opening a company in this country, obtaining a work or residence permit, drafting contracts or other business activities, you may get in touch with our law firm in Turkey.
Looking for residency in Turkey? Our team of lawyers can guide you from a legal point of view. Regarding the documents required to obtain this status, we mention a valid passport, health insurance, proof of personal funds, and a new domicile. We mention that temporary residence permits are valid for 2 years and can be issued in a maximum of 3 months. We, therefore, invite you to discuss with our lawyers about obtaining this status, if you wish to relocate to Turkey for a longer period of time.
Our lawyers in Turkey may also provide legal advice for closing a company and they will offer information about the legal steps of procedure and they will represent you in the court of justice in all the stages of a trail. Contact us for assistance.