Create a Company in the Agriculture Sector in Turkey

Create a Company in the Agriculture Sector in Turkey

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Create-company-in-the-agriculture-sector-in-Turkey.jpgTurkey is one of the largest producers and exporters of agricultural products in the world. It is also the European Union’s greatest trading partner when it comes to fruit and vegetables, which is why the number of foreign investors setting up businesses in the agriculture industry is Turkey has risen constantly. It is also helpful to know that the Turkish government has enabled special zones dedicated to the agricultural industry.

In order to set up a company in the agriculture sector in Turkey, both local and foreign enterprisers must comply with the requirements imposed by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock which enforces the Agriculture Law and also with the requisites of the Ministry of Customs and Trade which regulates the import and export of agricultural products.

Our lawyers in Turkey can offer information on the Agriculture Law.

Types of companies available for starting an agricultural business in Turkey

Most enterprisers operating in the Turkish agriculture sector form co-operatives which benefit from a special status in this country. However, sole proprietorships and limited liability companies are also used for the establishment of agricultural business in this country.

The first step to create a company in the agriculture industry in Turkey is to prepare all the documents related to the registration of a company and file them with the Trade Register. Foreign investors are strongly advised to request the services of a lawyer in Turkey in order to understand what these documents imply.

Once the company or co-operative is registered, it must apply for the necessary licenses which will enable it to sell or export is products.

Licenses related to the agriculture industry in Turkey

Agriculture companies in Turkey may undertake various activities, including research and development in order to create new species. All these activities are subject to various requirements, including obtaining various special licenses. The most common licenses a Turkish agriculture company applies for are:

  • -          the grower license which enables it to cultivate seeds;
  • -          the production license which enables it to grow plants;
  • -          the distribution license through which it can supply seeds to other companies;
  • -          import and export licenses for products destined for trading.

For full information on the requirements to sell agricultural products, please feel free to contact our law firm in Turkey. We can also assist with the company registration process.