Create a Company in the Healthcare Sector in Turkey

Create a Company in the Healthcare Sector in Turkey

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Create-a-company-in-the-healthcare-sector-in-TurkeyThe tourism industry continues to be the best industry to invest in Turkey, or better said it has evolved, as another branch emerged from it: the medical tourism sector. Starting a business in the healthcare industry in Turkey is the latest trend among foreign investors coming to this country. Recognized touristic cities like Antalya, Istanbul or Izmir are also home to some of the largest and most modern medical facilities in Turkey.

Our lawyers in Turkey can assist with the company registration procedure of a healthcare business.

Activities in the Turkish healthcare industry

Foreign investors interested in starting a healthcare business in Turkey can operate in one of the following fields:

  • -          producing and selling pharmaceutical products;
  • -          creating medical cabinets;
  • -          opening large clinics which offer various medical services;
  • -          setting up spas;
  • -          offering massages and various therapies;
  • -          offering acupuncture services.

In order to set up a healthcare business, one must respect various laws developed by the Ministry of Health in Turkey.

Legislation related to opening a business in the Turkish healthcare sector

One of the most important laws governing the healthcare industry in Turkey is the Licensing Regulations on Human Medicinal Products which provides for the production and sale of pharmaceutical products. Another important law is the Health Insurance Act which provides for all individuals living in Turkey to have a health insurance. Also, doctors and other specialists must register with the Specialist Register. Optionally, they can also join the Turkish Medical Association.

Our Turkish lawyers can offer more information on the laws applicable in the healthcare industry.

Registering a healthcare business in Turkey

Foreign and local investors can set up a business in the healthcare sector in Turkey by registering one of the structures available with the Trade Register. Our law firm in Turkey can guide you through the company registration procedure. Following that, the company must obtain the necessary licenses and approvals before starting to operate with the Turkish Ministry of Health.

For full information on how to establish a healthcare company in Turkey, please feel free to contact us.