Create a Joint Venture in Turkey

Create a Joint Venture in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

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Create-a-Joint-Venture-in-Turkey.jpgJoint ventures in Turkey are created with the contribution of the overseas investors. This type of entity is preferred among businessmen and the government has always encouraged foreign investments in the country and special reforms were implemented. Our Turkish lawyers can offer assistance and guidance for all entrepreneurs who want to create a joint venture in Turkey.

Categories of joint ventures in Turkey

The joint venture covenants were relatively soon implemented in the Turkish legislation connected to the foreign investments in the country and are controlled by the Company Law in Turkey. Businessmen can create corporate or contractual joint ventures according to the rules and regulations of the Code of Obligations in the country.

How to create a corporate joint venture in Turkey

The Foreign Direct Investment Act in 2009 in Turkey stipulates the rules and the regulations regarding how to create a corporate joint venture. This type of legal entity offers numerous investment opportunities and can be registered with the Turkish Companies Registrar as public enterprises, representative offices or limited liability companies.

How to register a contractual joint venture in Turkey

A contractual joint venture is not measured as a legal entity in Turkey but can be created as an arrangement which will be drafted and signed in front of a notary. This category of joint venture implies foreign workers who are part of an important project related to a particular company in Turkey. Our lawyers in Turkey can offer appropriate information and legal support if you want to open a joint venture in the country.

The benefits of establishing a joint venture in Turkey

Creating a joint venture in Turkey comes with many benefits like attracting more investments in the country, with special incentives for the ones who want to do business here or to establish their presence on the market. Enterprises that choose to enter into a joint venture in Turkey are not obliged to generate a brand new business entity and the level of flexibility is higher compared to other businesses.
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