Double Tax Treaty Turkey – Australia

Double Tax Treaty Turkey – Australia

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

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Double-Tax-Treaty-Turkey-Australia.jpgThe double tax agreement between Turkey and Australia entered into force in April 2010 and applies to citizens with residencies in both countries and also for companies. This is an important convention related to the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion. Our lawyers in Turkey can provide you with information and details about the signed double taxation agreements with Turkey and many other states. Besides that, you can receive details about the taxation system in the country or about the legal assistance you can solicit for your company in France.

Details about the Turkey – Australia double tax treaty

The main purposes of the convention between Turkey and Australia are a closer economic collaboration, with tax reductions, and adjust the reliability of the taxation system with particular frameworks to fight against tax evasion.
It is good to know that the income and corporate taxes, plus similar fees are covered and will be imposed only in one country, particularly where the activities of a company or a natural person take place. The gains obtained from administrative services, operational airliners, international traffic, and royalties are also protected by the double tax treaty signed by Turkey and Australia.
We remind that any foreign or local entrepreneur who wants to open a business in Turkey can obtain information in this matter and can rely on our legal services, offered by our law firm in Turkey.

Natural persons are covered by the Turkey – Australia convention

Australian citizens who legally work in Turkey, under a signed contract will be levied taxes only in this country, and if they deal with certain activities in the home state, they might be subject to taxation. One should know that the convention agreed between Turkey and Australia is also available for the external territories like Coral Sea Islands, Keeling Islands, Norfolk Islands, Christmas Islands, Heard Islands, Ashmore and Cartier Islands.
Additional information about the double taxation agreement between Turkey and Australia and about the needed legal services for any type of company in the country can be found if you contact our Turkish law firm.