Double Tax Treaty Turkey – Austria

Double Tax Treaty Turkey – Austria

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

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Double-tax-treaty-Turkey-Austria.jpgThe double taxation agreement between Turkey and Austria protects the incomes of persons or companies that are present in one or both mentioned countries in the treaty. The convention entered into force in 2010 and applies to the income and corporate taxes in Turkey and Austria. We remind that you can ask for complete information about the double taxation treaties signed by Turkey and many states, including the one agreed with Austria, from our Turkish lawyers.

Protected taxes by the Turkey – Austria double tax treaty

The dividends, the interests, the immovable property incomes, and the royalties are covered by the double taxation agreement between Turkey and Austria. As for the profits of the companies, it is good to know that the taxes will be paid only in the country the enterprises are performing their activities. The revenues obtained from shipping activities and from the air transportation are also covered by the double taxation treaty between Turkey and Austria. Our law firm in Turkey is ready to provide you with the necessary information related to the taxation system in the country and the fees a company in Turkey must pay.

The Turkey – Austria agreement stipulates reduced taxes

The royalties are levied with 10%, as for the dividends paid by a company in Turkey, these are taxed at 5%. It is good to know that the levy for the interest payments is settled at 15% rate. As a short conclusion about the double taxation convention between Turkey and Austria, one should keep in mind that such agreement will not allow the double taxation in both countries, no matter the type of revenues involved. With this important agreement, the fiscal evasion can be prevented in Turkey and Austria. The agreement also covers the gains obtained by the natural persons who live and work in one of the contracting states.
You are invited to contact our law firm in Turkey for additional information about the double tax treaty signed with Austria and about the available legal services for your company or for persona matters.