Establish a Crowd Funding Company in Turkey

Establish a Crowd Funding Company in Turkey

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Establish-a-crowd-funding-company-in-Turkey.jpgThe crowd funding is a concept with an interesting history behind, and it is not a brand-new financial tool as many might consider. The main idea is that every investor or person who wants to open a new business or create a company to promote several types of products or services, but without enough money can ask for funding or small amounts of money from other investors worldwide. There are numerous websites which offer the possibility of adding a project for which crowd funding is necessary. If you are interested in opening a crowd funding company in Turkey, our Turkish lawyers can explain the legal aspects.

Details about crowd funding in Turkey

There are many projects which can be settled in varied areas and people with ideas who cannot sustain entirely their businesses, and need more finance can ask for special support. In this case, a crowd funding can be a proper solution, a financial tool where trust is a must. Any business idea can be placed on special websites which connect numerous investors worldwide who are interested in making further investments in several sectors. There are chances for many to have successful ideas which later will turn into millions, but in the first place, such ideas must be sustained with money.
If you want to set up a crowd funding company in Turkey, you should focus your attention on the internet and discover how well-known websites which deal with crowd funding are successful. The requirements for opening a crowd funding company are the same as for any company set up in Turkey, but please consider that special licenses and permits need to be obtained from the Ministry of Finance in Turkey. Please keep in mind that our lawyers in Turkey can help with legal support when drafting the documents for your company in the country.

Why choose crown funding in Turkey?

Foreing investors and entrepreneurs are brought together with the help of crowd funding, an interesting financial tool with high potential of developing entrepreneurship and bright ideas which in some cases remain unknown. It is good to know that crowd funding in Turkey must obey different rules and need to present trust among investors and entrepreneurs, even considering the risks which might come in the way of success.
The best part of crowd funding is that each investor will obtain in advance any product, application or service for which he/she placed investments. If it provides to be successful, the entrepreneur and the investor can skip the crowd funding part and can direct their attention to other domains or areas of interests, where crowd funding is no more needed.
We invite you to contact our law firm in Turkey if you want more details about crowd funding companies or about how to open a company in Turkey.