Establish Sector Funds in Turkey

Establish Sector Funds in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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NameThe sector funds are mutual funds, also known as specialty funds, with the difference that a businessman can choose a certain industry, without focusing on the instability that comes with the individual stock investments in Turkey. In order to establish sector funds in Turkey, it is necessary to properly analyze the market before making any investment. Our Turkish lawyers can provide you with information and legal assistance if you wish to establish sector funds in the country.

How to create sector funds in Turkey

The Turkish legislation related to the investment funds implies a proper structure and registration, the Capital Markets Board (CMB) in the country being the suitable institution that can make approvals in such matters. It is good to know that the sector fund needs to be created by a portfolio management enterprise, which will be settled as a public company in Turkey. With an established and registered business in Turkey, the next step is to receive the depositary arrangement accepted by the Capital Markets Board. In the same stage, the documents related to the internal rules and regulations of the sector fund need to be prepared for approval by the same CMB in Turkey.
No matter the type of investment fund you wish to establish in Turkey, you should know that our lawyers in Turkey can offer details about the legislation in this matter.
Residency in Turkey is a straightforward process that can be supervised by one of our lawyers. With our specialized help, you can benefit from the accuracy of the documents required by the authorities. We mention that once the entry visa to Turkey has been obtained, the application for this permit, including the work permit, if you are relocating for this purpose, is applied. You can rely on our legal services as soon as you contact us.

What you need to know about sector funds in Turkey

The sector specific funds are considered a little bit unsafe compared to an expanded fund, due to its exposure on a particular area, and are preferred by determined investors, who deal with certain domains for many years. In Turkey, the most important sector funds are the following:
technology funds;
banking funds;
pharmaceutical or pharma funds.
Technology funds are related to the IT companies, while banking funds deal with a portfolio that mostly contains equities of numerous banks. If the banking sector is having excellent performances, the investor can also expect great benefits.
If you are interested in establishing sector funds, you are invited to contact our law firm in Turkey for additional details.