Fiduciary Services in Turkey

Fiduciary Services in Turkey

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Fiduciary-Services-in-Turkey.jpgNo matter the type of business you might have, you can receive fiduciary services in Turkey, considering that the company’s best interests are top priorities. Our Turkish lawyers can provide you with assistance and information if you want fiduciary services for your company in Turkey.

What you need to know about the fiduciary services in Turkey

A personal representative, a trustee or a guardian is a fiduciary person or body who needs to develop a permanent and a successful relationship with the beneficiary, and that can be a company or an investor), giving full access and a convenient communication. When handling the properties or assets, a trustee must provide the beneficiary the suitable assistance in order to make good decisions, based on the company’s purposes and visions.
It is good to know that an executor can sell or make rental contracts instead of the owner, without taking personal profits from the transactions. Our lawyers in Turkey can offer detailed information about the fiduciary services available for you or your company.

Financial relationships available in Turkey

The trustee and the beneficiary are mandatory to create certain fiduciary relationships that involve special requirements. These relationships are:
the association between a lawyer and a client;
the connection between wards and guardians;
the liaison between investors and investment corporations;
the correlation between company’s board members and shareholders.
Many overseas businessmen what to start their activities in Turkey, after a previous market and its investment opportunities analysis, without having an idea about the business laws or different backgrounds. Therefore, we recommend fiduciary services in Turkey to be well informed and have no surprises related to the rules and regulations in the country.

Fiduciary services available in Turkey

The fiduciary services offered by our Turkish law firm include documents preparation before you register a company and assistance when opening a bank account for your business. As a reminder, the trustee will always represent the safety and welfare of the firm and will perform assigned responsibilities related to the asset management. The administrative proficiency is also included in the fiduciary services available in Turkey.
Additional information about the available fiduciary services for you or your company, you may contact our law firm in Turkey.