How to Obtain a Visa for Turkey

How to Obtain a Visa for Turkey

Updated on Monday 18th April 2016

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obtain a visa for Turkey.jpgThe Turkish visa for traveling to this country can be obtained very easy if you have the necessary documents and you meet the conditions required by the local legislation related to foreign citizens entering the country. The easiest way to be allowed to enter Turkey is by electronic visa (e-visa), a modern system launched in 2013 and that is very fast – you can obtain your visa for Turkey in only three minutes. This system is owned by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is available online.

If you choose the e-visa system, you can follow the procedure no matter the country where you are living or have residence, non-stop, and all you need is an internet connection and a valid passport. The applicants are required to fill a form with the main information about themselves and send them to the Turkish authorities. They are also required to pay a fee for online visa by credit and debit card.

The validity of the e-visa in Turkey

The e-visa is valid only for tourism and commerce activities in Turkey and the foreign citizens who want to go to Turkey for other reasons should request a visa at the Turkish Embassies and Consulates all around the world. If you travel with a group of tourists, your travel agent can obtain a group e-visa. If you don’t have the possibility to obtain a visa before entering Turkey, you can ask for it at the Turkish airports or at the customs area via interactive kiosks or authorized airlines companies offices.

The main condition for obtaining a visa for Turkey is to have a passport valid for minimum six months beginning with the date of your entry to this country.

Other requirements for obtaining a visa

After you obtain a visa for Turkey, you can stay in this country for 90 days and there is no need for a residence permit; this document is necessary only if you want to stay longer. This is the case of foreign citizens who work or study in Turkey for longer periods of time and who need to register themselves at the local police department.

If you need to know more about obtaining a visa or a work/residence permit, you may contact our lawyers in Turkey. They will offer you legal assistance for the matters you may encounter in this country.