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Immigrate to Turkey

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Immigrate to Turkey
If you want to immigrate to Turkey, you must make sure that you complete all the formalities. Our Turkish lawyer can help you obtain the necessary visa, as well as a residence permit in Turkey, depending on your stay. In this article, we will review some steps to take into account if you want to move to Turkey.
 Quick Facts  
Entry visa requirement (from EU)  (YES/NO) YES, but exceptions apply

Entry visa requirement (outside EU) (YES/NO)

YES, except citizens from specific countries

Types of visas available


- tourism,

- work,

- study

- business purposes

Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.) 

Around 48 hours if the application is made online.

Validity of temporary residence permit

1 year with the possibility of extension

Temporary residence permit renewal requirements

Documents can be submitted online and then an appointment to the Turkish General Directorate for Migration is required.

Documents for obtaining a residence permit

- translated and notarized passport copy,

- 4 passport-size photos,

- health insurace,

- proof of domicile,

- tax payment

Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

After living in Turkey for at least 8 years

 Investor Visa availability (YES/NO)


Start-up Visa Scheme availability 

The Entrepreneur Visa is issued for 3 months to register a business in Turkey

Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO)


Time frame for obtaining citizenship

The application is accepted in about 4 months. Citizenship is gained after living in Turkey for at least 5 years.

Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability (YES/NO)


Taxation of foreign citizens

Taxation is made on Turkish-source income, as there is no special regime for expats.

Tax benefits for expats

Tax incentives for business owners with companies subject to development in specific areas or sectors.


Getting the proper visa for Turkey

There are 78 countries whose citizens do not need to apply for a Turkish visa. They can live in this country for 90 days, but things change if the visit prolongs.
In the case of citizens of other countries, the visa application can be made using the platform implemented by the Turkish immigration office for purposes like: tourism, study, medical treatments, business. But in order to be sure that you will not face a language barrier or other restrictions related to documents, we remind you that our immigration lawyers in Turkey can offer you specialized advice if you want to immigrate to Turkey. Let's review some visa formalities:
  • E-visa is the travel authorization that you must obtain to enter and live in Turkey.
  • The passport must have a validity of at least 150 days on the date of entry into Turkey. The national identity document can also be used, respecting the agreement on the movement of citizens from the European Union.
  • You must provide an email address to receive notifications about the status of the visa issuance process.
  • Payment for issuing the visa can be made online.
The Turkish authorities have made available to those who want to immigrate to Turkey the option of issuing a visa online. You can find out legal information from our team of immigration lawyers in Turkey. Talk to us if you are interested in moving to Istanbul.

How can I obtain a residence and work permit for Turkey?

If you want to relocate to Turkey and already accepted a job in this country, you must consider the formalities for obtaining a residence and work permit. Both documents can be issued at the same time, but there are cases in which the residence permit is obtained immediately after issuing the one required to work legally in Turkey. Among the formalities we mention:
  • The employment contract is presented, if you move to Turkey for a job offer. Our lawyers can collaborate with the employing company for a simple and fast process.
  • You must have health insurance issued in Turkey.
  • As with the visa, you need to pay a certain fee.
More about how to relocate to Turkey can be discussed with our local advisors. We are here to help you immigrate to Turkey.

Business relocation in Turkey

Immigration to Turkey can also mean the relocation of a foreign company. If moving to Istanbul for business purposes is your decision, it is important to close the activities in the country of origin, including the contracts with the providers you collaborated with.
We proceed to the registration of the company with the Turkish authorities, and with the help of our lawyers in Turkey who can take care of the formalities. Therefore, those interested in moving to Istanbul can call on our immigration lawyers in Turkey, in the case of a company relocation. We are here to help you move to Turkey in a quick and trustworthy manner.
Regarding the Turkish economy, the following figures may interest you:
  • In 2021, most investments came from the USA, around 14% of the total.
  • Around USD 120.7 billion represented the total FDI for Turkey in the same year.
  • Most foreign investments are absorbed by sectors such as energy and manufacturing in Turkey.


Would you like to apply for a residence permit in Turkey? You have at your disposal the support offered by our lawyers. Thus, with the help of our specialists, you will have the guarantee that all documents are drawn up correctly and submitted to the relevant authorities. In this approach, a health insurance valid on the territory of Turkey is needed, as well as proof of the new domicile. Therefore, if you need legal advice, contact our law firm.

If you want to know more about immigration to Turkey, we invite you to contact our Turkish lawyers. We can offer specialized help for those who want to relocate to Turkey and benefit from a smooth and fast process.