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Immigrate to Turkey from South Africa

Updated on Friday 10th December 2021

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Immigrate to Turkey from South Africa.jpgCitizens from South Africa must apply for a visa that allows multiple entries and a maximum stay of one month. In the case of relocation, other immigration rules apply and these can be explained by one of our Turkish lawyers who can also manage the formalities of relocation. South African citizens interested in immigration to Turkey can get in touch with us and ask for details. We are here to help you move to Turkey.

Requirements for a Turkish visa

First of all, one must hold a valid South African passport when applying for a Turkish visa. The authorities have simplified the visa procedures in the past few years, allowing a smooth process for foreigners. Here is what you need to know if you want to immigrate to Turkey from South Africa, in terms of e-Visa (electronic visa):
  • The passport must have a validity of at least 6 months prior the visa application.
  • An online form with information about the applicant needs to be submitted.
  • A specific fee is imposed for a Turkish visa.
  • In the case of relocation from South Africa to Turkey, one must also apply for a residence and work permit.
We suggest you discuss all the legal aspects with our lawyers in Turkey if you want to relocate to Turkey from South Africa. There are specific requirements for which complete legal advice is recommended.

How can I obtain a residence and work permit in Turkey?

The residence and work permits are normally issued at the same time, if all the requirements and formalities are respected. Among these, the work contract, a few ban statements, a health insurance, and information about accommodation in Turkey are solicited at the time of application. The Turkish authorities have the right to make some verifications and ask for a copy of the criminal record. We remind you that our attorneys in Turkey are at your disposal if you would like to immigrate to Turkey from South Africa. Please discuss further details about the formalities of relocation.

How do I relocate a company in Turkey?

Entrepreneurs from South Africa who want to relocate the business to Turkey must comply with a series of bureaucracies, mostly related to business de-registration and then incorporation. A declaration stating the relocation of a company from South Africa to Turkey is among the necessary documents for this kind of procedure. If the owners, administrators, and managers agree on the relocation, the process is then quite simple and fast. 
As for the company incorporation in Turkey, this process starts right away, a soon as all the accounts and business-related matters are concluded in South Africa. The Turkish authorities offer simplified company registration procedures, so there is no need to worry about complications in terms of formalities. Plus, those interested in company relocation will have complete legal support from our team of lawyers in Turkey. We can help you move to Turkey.

Why make investments in Turkey

Business relocation from South Africa to Turkey is a great choice for the type of entrepreneurs who want to expand their portfolios in this country and generate important profits. There are many advantages offered in the business field that foreign investors must observe prior to starting a company in Turkey. We present you a few of the reasons to consider for opening a business in Turkey:
  1. A skilled and multilingual workforce can be hired by South African investors in Turkey.
  2. Being found on two continents, Turkey offers great business connections all over the world.
  3. The registration formalities of a company are quite simple and allow a fast start on the market.
  4. The business possibilities are countless in Turkey, so it is quite easy to develop the activities in the chosen field of interest.
  5. The great tax regime in Turkey is another aspect considered by entrepreneurs from overseas.
You can also discover some interesting facts and figures that highlight the business and economic direction of Turkey:
  1. In matters of total FDIs in Turkey, the country registered nearly USD 165 billion in 2019.
  2. The simplified business ranked Turkey 33rd out of 190 by the 2020 Doing Business report.
  3. The greenfield investments in Turkey in 2019 worth around USD 4 billion.
  4. More than 16% of the total FDIs come from the Netherlands, the main investor in Turkey.
If you would like to relocate to Turkey from South Africa, we recommend you contact our law firm in Turkey and discover the legal services offered. The immigration process is not complex if you follow the requirements and get support from a specialist in the field.