Immigrate to Turkey from UK

Immigrate to Turkey from UK

Updated on Friday 09th September 2022

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Immigrate to Turkey from UK.jpgThe Turkish immigration authorities decided to abolish the visa obligation for UK and Schengen Area countries, in March 2020. This means that entering Turkey without a visa is possible for British citizens interested in touristic purposes. This important measure came as an encouragement to increase the tourism potential in Turkey. Legal advice about how to immigrate to Turkey can be offered by our Turkish lawyers with experience in this field. We can help you relocate to Turkey.

How long can I stay in Turkey without a visa?

One should note that there is no need for a visa for British citizens who want to enter Turkey and stay for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. Persons who intend to relocate to Turkey from UK and intend to stay more than 90 days will have to apply for a Turkish visa and a residence permit. Here is what you need to know about a visa for Turkey:
  1. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months prior to your entry to Turkey.
  2. The Turkish Immigration Department is the institution that oversees and verifies the visa applications for British citizens.
  3. An application form with personal information is offered by the authorities.
  4. A medical insurance is required in Turkey.
  5. In the case of accepted jobs in Turkey, the employee will act as a sponsor and will start the work visa formalities bases on the work contract and other important documents.
  6. The residence permit can be issued at the same time as the work visa.
The work visa process in Turkey might seem complex to British citizens, so the legal advice of our immigration lawyers in Turkey will prove essential right from the start. The Turkish Embassies and Consulates in UK accept the visa applications and can issue a decision if all the documents are approved. Instead of dealing with possible visa rejections, it is best to seek legal advice and assistance from the start. Our immigration lawyers in Turkey are at your disposal, and they can help you move to Turkey and offer detailed information about immigration to Turkey. 

Is UK company relocation to Turkey possible?

Yes, companies from UK can relocate to Turkey in respect to the applicable laws after Brexit. One should note that the relocation of a British company to Turkey starts with the de-registration of the firm in the home country, based on a declaration signed by owners and administrators. The next step is to register the UK company with the Turkish authorities and to comply with the local business rules like choosing the proper structure and enrolling with the tax authorities. The company relocation to Turkey is subject to varied regulations, including for business owners who need to apply for a Turkish business visa at the same time.
The formalities of company relocation to Turkey are straightforward even if UK left the European Union. Still, some companies, for instance, the ones having trading operations might need to observe the new labeling rules imposed, depending on the imported or exported products. 
Make sure you address one of our immigration lawyers in Turkey and ask for legal advice and guidance if you decided to relocate the company from UK to Turkey. We are here to help you move to Turkey.

Making investments in Turkey

Turkey is a safe and highly appreciated business environment at an international level. International entrepreneurs enjoy the multitude of business opportunities here, alongside huge profits in sectors like IT, textile, manufacturing, food & beverages, and the prolific tourism field. Moreover, having the support of a skilled and multilingual workforce in Turkey is a plus to foreign entrepreneurs looking for a business in this country.
The ease of doing business is highly appreciated in Turkey and allows foreign investors have a fast start on the market, without complicated company formation formalities. Here are some interesting facts and figures that highlight the economy of Turkey:
  • Luxembourg, the Netherlands, US, and UK are among the major investors in Turkey.
  • In terms of total FDIs, Turkey registered nearly USD 165 billion in 2019.
  • According to the 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank, Turkey ranks 33rd out of 190 worldwide economies.
  • Most of the FDIs are destined to sectors like finance, energy, and manufacturing.


We can offer you more details about starting a business and how to immigrate to Turkey. 

Choosing our immigration services in Turkey

Interested in immigration to Turkey? We suggest you discuss with our Turkish lawyers with experience in immigration. Our dedicated team of experts knows the immigration legislation and can provide the necessary legal support to those who want to relocate to Turkey. Our specialists work in complete professionalism, confidence, and proficiency, as each case is unique.
If you would like to know more about relocation to Turkey from UK, please contact us. We can help you immigrate to Turkey in the shortest time possible.