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Immigration Lawyer in Turkey

Updated on Monday 21st November 2022

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Immigration lawyer in Turkey.jpgOur immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey can provide a wide range of legal services, plus support to foreigners interested in relocating to this country. Having a clear picture of the rules and regulations of immigration in Turkey is essential because one can properly align with the requirements and skip any possible visa rejections. You are invited to talk to our specialists and find out more about how to obtain a Turkish visa or a work permit. We can help you relocate to Turkey.

How can I apply for a Turkish visa?

The e-visa can be easily obtained by foreigners who want to visit or immigrate to Turkey. This represents the new travel authorization with a validity of 90 days with the possibility of extension. If until recently the Turkish authorities placed the visa stamp at the arrival in Turkey, this process is no longer available, as the e-visa has been implemented. Here are other types of visas you can obtain in Turkey:
  • Student visas.
  • Visas for business purposes.
  • Visas for sportive activities.
  • Visas for official visits.
  • Visas for single transits.
  • Visas for documentary purposes.
  • Visas for medical treatments.
  • Seafarer visas.
More about how to obtain a visa for Turkey can be obtained from our immigration lawyer in Turkey. We can assist foreigners from a legal point of view if they want to immigrate to Turkey.

How can I obtain a work permit in Turkey?

The work permit is issued by the Ministry of Labor in Turkey, following a series of rules in terms of documents and more:
  1. A valid passport and a work permit application are required and are among the main documents.
  2. A copy of the employment contract can be offered by the company you will work for.
  3. The application for a work permit should be made in time, as such a document can be issued in around 30 days.
  4. One can also apply for a residence permit, at the same time with the work visa.
According to the immigration laws in Turkey, the application for a work permit can be done with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. You can discuss all the legal terms with our immigration lawyer in Turkey and see all the steps involved in obtaining a work permit in Turkey.

Obtaining a Turkish residence permit

The work and residence permit can be issued at about the same time, however, the latter can be obtained after holding the work visa. Besides the passport and specific photos, some bank statements showing you have at least USD 300/month for the entire stay in Turkey are required by the authorities. Depending on the length of stay in Turkey, a residence permit can be issued on short or long term. Information about accommodation in Turkey, plus health insurance is solicited for a residence permit application. One should note that the Turkish authorities have the right to make verifications of the criminal record of applicants, and if these have been involved in criminal offences in the past, the residence permit application might be rejected. You can talk to our immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey, and find out all the information you need about Turkish residence permits.

Relocating a business in Turkey

Businessmen must follow certain rules for company relocation to Turkey and the first step is to de-register the company from the country of origin before any move. A declaration stating the relocation of a company in Turkey must be signed by owners, administrators, and directors. One should note that the work and residence permits for Turkey can be obtained even faster if company relocation is involved. You can talk to our immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey about the relocation process of a company, in order to obtain the necessary legal advice and support. We can help you move to Turkey by handling the formalities.
Foreigners who want to obtain the residence permit in Turkey can turn to our Turkish lawyers. A temporary one is valid for 2 years and is obtained if you provide a valid passport, health insurance, as well as information about the new residence. We also mention that the authorities are entitled to ask for a clear criminal record before applying for this document. We, therefore, invite you to get in touch with our specialists and find out all the information.

Making investments in Turkey

Relocating a business or starting a new one from scratch in Turkey can be a great decision for foreign investors who want to enjoy the benefits of this country found on two continents. The skilled and experienced workforce, the great transportation and logistics, plus the attractive encouragements offered by the Turkish government are representative benefits for international entrepreneurs. You can also find useful the following facts and figures about the economy and business in Turkey:
  1. Nearly USD 165 billion represented the total FDI stock for Turkey in 2019.
  2. Around 16% of the total FDI stock in Turkey was directed to the finance and insurance sector. The same is available for the wholesale and retail trade field.
  3. Turkey ranked 33rd out of 190 worldwide economies in the world, according to the 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank.
Interested in more about how to relocate to Turkey? You can contact our immigration lawyers in Istanbul, Turkey, and see how they can help you from a legal point of view. We can provide complete legal services in Turkey.