Lawyers in Ankara

Lawyers in Ankara

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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lawyers_in_ankara.JPG.jpgWhenever you need to form a company in Ankara or you need legal advice for different business issues, you may contact our local lawyers. They will offer you information and assistance in matters related to corporate litigation, commercial law and company formation. You can give them the power of attorney in order to represent you in front of local authorities and courts of justice, if you don’t want to travel to Ankara.

Our attorneys in Ankara offer a wide range of legal services for foreign entrepreneurs all over the world, interested in doing business in Turkey. They provide legal assistance and advice for:

1.    Company formation in Ankara

In the capital of Turkey, Ankara, you can open every type of company available in this country and for the registration procedure you can count on our attorneys. If you don’t know what type of company to choose, our local attorneys will offer you the best solution according to your business needs. After you decide what type of company you want to register in Ankara, our lawyers will help you with the registration procedure. If you need legal advice after the registration is finished and you start your activity, our attorneys will offer you assistance and legal services for your daily activity.

2.    Branch/subsidiary for your business in Ankara

If you need to open a branch or subsidiary of your business in Ankara, even if you are a foreign entrepreneur, you may contact our local lawyers who will handle the entire registration procedure.

3.    Permits and licenses for your company

According to the business field you choose for your activity in Ankara, you may need special permits or licenses. Our lawyers from Ankara will help you obtain the licenses needed from the Turkish authorities. All you have to do is to present the necessary documentation for obtaining the permits. You won’t have to spend a lot of time at the offices of Turkish authorities and you will get the permits as soon as possible.

4. Mergers and acquisitions

If you plan to buy a Turkish company or you need to buy shares in a company from Ankara, our lawyers will offer you assistance for performing the actions you want.

5. Liquidation and Dissolution of companies

After you finish running a business in Ankara and you want to liquidate your company, you can call our lawyers who will offer you the tailored solution.

6. Commercial litigation

Our attorneys in Ankara are specialized in commercial litigation and they will represent you in front of Turkish courts throughout all the stages of a trial.

7. Minimization of taxes

Minimization of taxes is one of the most important parts of a business, so our lawyers in Ankara will offer you the best advice in order to help you reduce your costs and they may recommend you an accountant for your daily financial matters.

8. Debt collection

If you have problems with debt recovery, you can call our lawyers who will handle the whole procedure until you will get your money back and they will represent you in front of the court of justice.