Lawyers in Antalya

Lawyers in Antalya

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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lawyers_in_antalya.jpg.jpgAntalya is one of the most important cities in Turkey for opening a business due to its high potential in tourism, agriculture, import/exports and boat building activities. A foreign investor interested in setting up a company in this city may contact our local lawyers who will provide assistance during the whole incorporation procedure.

If you can’t afford to spend time in order to go to Antalya and submit the necessary documents for company formation, you can give our lawyers the power of attorney and they will represent you in front of the Turkish authorities. Our attorneys in Antalya will handle the incorporation procedure at the local Trade Register where all the required documents must be submitted in order for you to start your activity at the new company.

Our local attorneys in Antalya offer a wide range of legal services for international entrepreneurs interested in:

1. Incorporation of a company in Antalya

At the Trade Register in Antalya, you can incorporate the following types of companies:

- liability company, chosen by the most foreign entrepreneurs interested in running a small or a medium business in Turkey;

- a joint stock company, preferred by investors who plan to have a large business in Antalya;

- comandite company;

- collective companies;

- commercial partnerships.

We offer guidance for foreign investors who don’t know which type of company is best for them and we help them choose the proper solution. After they decide the type of company they want to open in Antalya, we will handle the whole procedure of incorporation.

All you have to do is to provide the necessary documents that will be submitted at the local Trade Register. After you can begin your activity and you need an accountant, we can recommend you a local professional.

2. Opening a branch/subsidiary in Antalya

A branch or a subsidiary of your company in Antalya can be registered in a few days if you contact our lawyers and you let them handle the entire procedure.

3. Business permits and licenses

If you need specific permits or licenses for your business in Antalya, our local lawyers will help you for obtaining these documents.

4. Mergers and acquisitions

For mergers and acquisitions in Turkey, you may contact our attorneys in Antalya who will offer you assistance and guidance until you finish the operations.

5. Liquidation and Dissolution of companies

For liquidation and dissolution on companies registered in Turkey, you don’t have to face the legal procedure by yourself. Our lawyers are here to help you solving the legal issues in a short term.

6. Commercial litigation

Our lawyers in Antalya will represent you in front of Turkish courts for commercial litigations and other types of litigations business related.

7. Minimization of taxes

According to the Turkish legislation, you can obtain a minimization of taxes you have to pay in this country and grow your business. For details, contact our lawyers.

8. Debt collection

Debt collection is an important activity if you have business partners who don’t respect their obligations and make you have problems with the cash flow. You may call a lawyer who will follow the legal steps of debt recovery until you will get your money back.

Antalya, an important city for business

Antalya is a well-known city for tourism and summer holidays, but it is also an important destination for foreign investors interested in doing business in agriculture, export/import and other activities in the free zones.

Firstly, Antalya is a major destination for entrepreneurs who want to run a business in tourism. Nearly one third of the total amount of tourists in Turkey comes to Antalya, the largest sea resort located in the southern Turkey; this means that Antalya is a holiday destination for approximately seven million tourists yearly.

Antalya has a population of nearly one million inhabitants and ranked on a high position in the top 10 world destinations for tourists in the last years.

The region around Antalya was chosen by many investors interested in agriculture and the free zone was a top destination for businessmen eager to invest in building ships and yachts.