Lawyers in Izmir

Lawyers in Izmir

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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lawyers_in_izmir.jpg.jpgWhen you choose Turkey for doing business, you don’t necessarily have to open a company in Ankara or Istanbul because there are more other attractive cities for business. Our local lawyers in towns such as Izmir or Antalya will help you with the formalities at the local Trade Register and they will offer you a wide range of legal services related to commercial law.

For the beginning, you can give the power of attorney to our lawyers in Izmir in order to handle the whole procedure of company formation. They will represent you in front of Turkish authorities and in the courts, for litigations.

Our local attorneys in Izmir provide a wide range of legal services for foreign entrepreneurs interested in:

1.   Company formation in Izmir

In this city, you can open a limited liability company, a joint stock company, comandite or collective companies and commercial partnerships. If you don’t know what type of company fits you best, you can ask for our lawyers’ advice. Most foreign investors choose the limited liability company which is very appropriate for small and medium businesses. The foreign entrepreneurs who are running large businesses should start a joint stock company. Our attorneys in Izmir will provide you professional legal services for company formation and they will assist you then with all the legal issues you may have after starting the activity. They may help you find tailored accounting services for your company and a virtual office in Izmir.

2.    Starting a branch/subsidiary for your business in Izmir

If you need to open a branch or a subsidiary of your company in Izmir, you can call our local lawyers. They will help you with the registration of the entity you need and this can be a legal entity or one that depends on the parent company. If you don’t know which fits you best, you can ask our lawyers.

3.    Business permits and licenses

You can’t perform certain activities and businesses in Izmir, Turkey, if you don’t obtain special permits and licenses from the Turkish authorities. The good news is that you don’t have to come to Turkey and spend long hours at the offices of Turkish authorities. Our lawyers can represent you and obtain all the documents you may need for doing business.

4. Mergers and acquisitions

An important part of doing business all over the world is the possibility of doing mergers and acquisitions. You will need an attorney for these procedures, so you can call our lawyers in Izmir who will handle the case.

 5. Liquidation and Dissolution of companies

When you need to liquidate your business in Izmir, you will need professional advice. Our lawyers will offer you the tailored solution and they will help you with the bankruptcy procedures.

6. Commercial litigation

If you have problems with commercial litigation, you may call our lawyers in Izmir who will represent you in front of Turkish courts.

7. Minimization of taxes

No matter the business you choose to open in Turkey, you need to be cost efficient. The minimization of taxes is an important part of your business and if you need more details you can call our lawyers who will offer you the information you need.

8. Debt collection

The recovery of a debt can be a difficult procedure if you are on your own and you don’t know the local law and procedures. A lawyer will help you sue your debtor and recover the debt, if you can’t have a mutual agreement with him.

Izmir, the third major city in Turkey

Izmir is an important city in western Turkey, with a population of over 3,4 million inhabitants, well-known in the past for the trade activity in its port. Nowadays, the city is an important centre for industrial, services, transportation and trade related economic activities.