Obtain Residence Permit in Turkey - 2024 Procedure

Obtain Residence Permit in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 13th March 2024

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Foreigners who want to relocate to Turkey need to apply for a short-term residence permit that is valid for maximum one year.  After this period, foreign citizens are required to extend the residence permit or to obtain a long-term residence permit in Turkey. One of our immigration lawyers in Turkey can explain the rights for residence permits in 2024 and can help foreign investors start a business in this country. They can also offer guidance if interested in immigration to Turkey.
 Quick Facts  
  Temporary residence permit types

- employment,

- study,

- medical purposes,

- training,

- family reunification

Time needed to obtain the temporary residence permit (approx.)

Between 1 and 3 months

Temporary residence permit validity

Maximum 2 years

Documents for obtaining temporary residence

- valid passport,

- proof of sufficient funds and accomodation,

- criminal record,

- health insurance

Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register) Yes


Dependents can join the temporary permit holder 


Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes


Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence At least 8 years
Documents for obtaining permanent residence

- valid passport,

- proof of income,

- health insurance,

- former temporary residence permit

Naturalization requirements

- living at least 5 years in Turkey,

- basic knowledge of Turkish language,

- sufficient income

Citizenship after permanent residence Yes


Short-term residence permit

The short-term residence permit is issued for foreigners who own a property in Turkey or who incorporate a business in this country. They are required to send a few documents to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration and align with the business regulations for 2024:
  1.  application form;
  2.  the original and copy of the passport;
  3.  four photos (passport size);
  4. declaration that they have the necessary resources for staying in Turkey for maximum one year and proving documents, if required;
  5.  a proof of owning a property in Turkey ( if they have one);
  6.  medical insurance.


Feel free to discuss with us about residency in Turkey. We are here to help foreigners with immigration to Turkey, make investments in Turkey in a legal and fast manner, and gain Turkey permanent residence
A family residence permit in Turkey can be issued for foreign spouses of Turkish citizens, and minor children (including foreign ones).  The sponsor in this case is a Turkish citizen who needs to prove he/she has sufficient income to support the applicants.
There are also exemptions for persons who do not need to apply for a residence permit in Turkey. For instance, those who have a registration certificate for international protection, and those from countries that signed a reciprocity agreement with Turkey, or diplomatic officers do not need to apply for a Turkish residence permit.
Below you can discover a video presentation that might be helpful:


Long-term residence permit rules in 2024

Foreign citizens who want to extend their stay in Turkey in 2024 and obtain a long-term residence permit instead of Turkey short-term residence permit need to submit the following documents to the Turkish authorities, helped by one of our Turkish lawyers:
  1.  application form;
  2.  the original and copy of the passport;
  3.  two photos (passport size);
  4.  a document proving that the applicant hasn’t received any social aid from the Turkish authorities;
  5.  declaration that they have the necessary resources for staying in Turkey for maximum one year and proving documents if required;
  6.  a proof of owning a property in Turkey (if they have one)
  7.  the previous residence permit;
  8.  medical insurance;
  9.  police record.
The applications for residence permits can be made online directly to the Directorate General of Migration Management, but for the first time applications you have to go in person to the Migration Office and present the required documents. The residence permit in Turkey is needed in case of a stay longer than 90 days and it can be for a single person or a family, a student, for humanitarian residence etc. Talk to us if you want to move to Turkey.
Steps for getting the residence permit in Turkey

How can foreigners be hired in Turkish companies?

According to the Turkish law, companies can hire foreign workers as long as they comply with the laws imposed in this field. It is necessary to have a work and residence permit to be able to legally carry out the activities within a company. In this case, the Turkish Ministry of Labor will take care of the necessary formalities and documents, but the entrepreneurs must already have 5 employees in order to be able to hire foreigners.
In addition, specific company information documents will be required at the time of application for a residence permit in Turkey. We remind you that the whole process can be supervised by our specialists in the field who can help you move to Turkey.
In Turkey, a residence permit can be issued for foreigners involved in scientific projects, or for those attending training programs. The same thing is available for educational purposes, student exchange programs, establishing commercial businesses, tourism, etc.

Details about short-term type touristic residence permit

Foreign citizens coming from countries where a visa for Turkey is not required must consider other formalities. For example, they must obtain a residence permit for touristic purposes. This type of permit guarantees a legal stay in Turkey for 1 or 2 years, without imposing the condition of not leaving the country during this time. You can learn more about this subject from our attorneys in Turkey who can also help you relocate to Turkey.

Other types of residence permits in Turkey

Depending on the purpose of the visit to this country, it will apply for the necessary residence permit in Turkey. The following type of residence permits for Turkey is guaranteed for certain cases:
  • Foreign citizens interested in specialized treatments in Turkey can apply for a medical residence permit. Treatments can take place in private clinics or state hospitals.
  • In the case of those who want to establish a business in Turkey can apply for a business residence permit with a validity of 3 months.
  • Those who buy a property worth at least USD 400,000 will receive a real estate residence permit card.
  • Citizens who divorce their Turkish spouses must apply for a family residence permit. The same is available in the event of a death of the spouse.
  • If you want to study in Turkey at university then you need a student residence permit.
Everything you need to know about residency in Turkey you can receive from our team of immigration lawyers in Turkey.
If no deportation decision has been taken against a foreigner in Turkey, or such a person cannot return to the country of residence due to emergency reasons, such citizen can apply for a residence permit. The formalities can be explained by one of our legal representatives in Turkey.

How to apply for a family residence permit in Turkey

A family residence permit is required for those who want to reunite with family in Turkey. Therefore, this document can be obtained by spouses with foreign citizenship but who are married to Turkish citizens. Minors of foreign nationals who want to come to Turkey and reunite with their family must also have such a residence permit. Here is some other information you should consider about getting a family residence permit:
  • Refugees or those receiving protection in Turkey also need such a residence permit.
  • If the parent has custody of the child, the consent of the mother or father is required in order to be reunited with the family in Turkey.
  • Such a residence permit guarantees education in Turkey until the age of 18, after which this document will be replaced with an appropriate one.
  • The residence permit for the family is valid for 3 years, and other conditions will be imposed for its renewal.
We remind you that a Turkish lawyer can offer you legal advice in order to benefit from an easy process of obtaining a residence permit in this country. Details about the residence permit in Turkey cost  you can also find out from our specialists.

Can the residence permit application in Turkey be refused?

Yes, there are also cases in which a residence permit in Turkey cannot be granted to interested applicants. Most of the time, the refusal comes because of the non-fulfillment of the conditions for family residence permits or because of banned citizens. Whatever the situation, we invite you to contact our immigration lawyers in Turkey for more information and specialized legal advice. Also, those interested can obtain support for applying for a passport by investment in Turkey.

Foreign students and residence permits in Turkey

The application for a student residence permit is based on Law on Foreigners and International Protections no. 6458, respectively Articles 38-41. As for those who want to apply for a student residence permit, foreigners who do not have a family residence permit and who want to attend primary or secondary education in Turkey are accepted.
They are allowed to study even after 18 years but with a residence permit in Turkey. Foreign students interested in graduate or postgraduate education are also welcome in Turkey, but they too must first apply for residence permits. Normally, a residence permit for foreign students in Turkey has a validity period that coincides with the duration of the studies, but it can be extended upon request. Here are other interesting facts:
  • Applicants must prove that they attend studies in Turkey.
  • Health insurance is required at the time of application for a residence permit in Turkey as a foreign student.
  • If the studies continue in a different province than the initial one, a new residence permit must be issued with the new address.
We recommend those interested in studying in Turkey and applying for residency to contact one of our specialists. We offer legal advice and support in the preparation of documents to benefit from an uncomplicated process.

What is a humanitarian residence permit in Turkey and in what cases is it issued?

A humanitarian residence permit is issued according to Law on Foreigners and International Protection no. 6458, Articles 46 and 47, and concerns foreign citizens seeking humanitarian aid and support in Turkey. Most cases involve children who are exposed to risks or who come from countries in open conflict. Thus, Turkey offers them humanitarian residence permits and approvals to enter Turkey. All those who want to obtain such a permit must register with the local authorities.
Long-term residence permits in Turkey are not available for humanitarian residence permit holders, conditional refugees, or persons having protection status. You might want to discuss further details with our Turkish lawyers regarding your status in this country.

Immigration in Turkey

Immigration to Turkey has fallen sharply in 2020, and this decline has been caused by the current health crisis. However, Turkey has always been welcoming and has supported the migration of foreign nationals in search of new opportunities. Here are some statistics about Turkey's migration, not before mentioning that you can contact our lawyers for more details about Turkish permanent residence or about residence permit in Turkey cost :
  • A decrease in the number of immigrants in Turkey was observed in 2022, by approximately 33%.
  • The number of emigrants in Turkey was around 466,000 in 2022.
  • An immigration increase of over 12% of people between the ages of 25 and 29 was recorded. The highest immigration rate is found in Istanbul at approximately 35.4%, followed by Antalya at 14.8%, in the same year.
  • In 2022, 25% of all immigrants in Turkey came from Russia.

Working with our immigration lawyers in Turkey

It is very important to take into account the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey and to respect the formalities imposed by the authorities. Many of the applications can be rejected precisely because of the lack of documents or their incorrect completion. Starting from this idea, we advise foreign citizens to trust one of our Turkish immigration lawyers to benefit from specialized legal support. We have experience in the field and treat each case with utmost seriousness.
Our Turkish lawyers will help you with information and legal assistance if you want to relocate to Turkey. We also assist foreigners interested in citizenship by investment in Turkey. For more details about obtaining a residence or a work permit for Turkey in 2024, you may contact our law firm in Turkey.