Open a Company in Aquaculture Sector in Turkey

Open a Company in Aquaculture Sector in Turkey

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Open-a-company-in-aquaculture-sector-in-Turkey.jpgWith access to the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, but also with a large portion of the country covered by lakes, rivers and ponds, Turkey provides for many business opportunities in the fishing sector. One of these opportunities refers to the aquaculture industry which is relatively new in in this country.

Aquaculture is governed by the same legislation related to fishing activities in Turkey, among which:

  • -          the Fisheries Law;
  • -          the Fisheries Regulations;
  • -          the Aquaculture Regulations.

The latter was introduced in the Fisheries Law in 2007. Our lawyers in Turkey can offer information on the Aquaculture Regulations.

Activities permitted in the aquaculture industry in Turkey

Being relatively introduced, the regulations for companies operating in the aquaculture sector in Turkey provide for modern techniques which can be used. The Fisheries Law provides for the following activities for aquaculture companies in Turkey:

  • -          management of fish farms;
  • -          improvement brought to fish farms;
  • -          growing, fishing and selling various species on the market.

The most successful species which can be grown in a Turkish fish farm include:

  • -          mullet;
  • -          shellfish;
  • -          trout;
  • -          oysters;
  • -          seabass;
  • -          swordfish;
  • -          tuna fish;
  • -          bream.

Our lawyers in Turkey can assist with the registration process of an aquaculture business in this country.

The fish farming license in Turkey

The first step to open an aquaculture business in Turkey is to register one of the available structures with the Trade Register. Following that, the company will need to apply for a fish farming license with the Directorate General for Fisheries and Aquaculture (DGFA) which is subordinated to the Ministry for Food Agriculture and Livestock. The following information must be submitted with the DGFA when applying for a fish farming license in Turkey:

  • -          information on the location, management and characteristics of the fish farm;
  • -          a business plan;
  • -          information about the company’s project;
  • -          information on the source of water;
  • -          the species which will be grown;
  • -          the annual capacity of the farm;
  • -          the address of the farm.

The fish farming license is first issued for a 12-month period of time and can be renewed.

For assistance in starting a business in aquaculture in Turkey, please feel free to contact us.