Open a Marketing and Advertising Company in Turkey

Open a Marketing and Advertising Company in Turkey

Updated on Friday 26th May 2023

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Open-a-marketing-and-advertising-company-in-Turkey.jpgThere are many Turkish industries in which entrepreneurs can open companies, among the largest being agriculture, automotive and manufacturing. Among them, other smaller sectors have developed in time, one of the best examples being the advertising and marketing segment. Foreign investors seeking to set up businesses in smaller economic sectors can very well open advertising and marketing agencies in Turkey.
Our lawyers in Turkey can provide legal advice if you are interested in opening such type of business.

Activities regulated by the Advertising Board in Turkey

One of the key provisions of the new Advertising Law is the redefinition of marketing and advertising activities which can be provided by companies in Turkey. These activities are related to the marketing and advertising of products and services with the intention of convincing other to buy them. The activities can be completed:
  •  in writing;
  •  in an audio form;
  •  on online channels;
  •  in a visual form.


Advertising and marketing agencies must also comply with the Consumer Protection Law which can be explained by our Turkish lawyers.

Registering an advertising and marketing business in Turkey

Both local and foreign businessmen are allowed to open companies that provide marketing and advertising services in Turkey. The company registration procedure is the same as for any type of business, however, it does not require any special license.
Advertising and marketing agencies in Turkey must, however, make sure that:
  • the ads they create and broadcast are not misleading, meaning the information about the products or services they promote is true;
  • the products or services they promote does not fall under the category of comparative advertising, meaning that the ad must focus on the targeted product or service only;
  • if an information about clients is collected, the company respects the Privacy Data Law;
  • the use of trademarks, commercial names or logos for advertisement purposes must be presented as such in order to not be considered covert advertisement.
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If you want to open an advertising and marketing agency and need help in registering the company, please feel free to contact our law firm in Turkey.