Open a Trading Company in Turkey

Open a Trading Company in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Open-a-Trading-Company-in-Turkey.jpg.jpgTurkey attracts foreign investors because of its favourable location between three major import and export markets: Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Turkey has ports to the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Aegean Sea. This unique positioning provides excellent opportunities for maritime transportation but the country also offers other options for land or air transportation and logistics.
Trading companies in Turkey need to be set-up in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code and those importing or exporting various products need to do so based on the required permits and licenses. Our lawyers in Turkey can help you comply with the provisions of the Commercial Code.

Turkish trade relations

Turkey’s main trade partner is the European Union with which the country has signed a Customs Union Agreement. Other important trade partners include the United States, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq or Switzerland. 
Turkey has signed a number of Free Trade Agreements with countries around the world, these types of documents allowing for a better trade relationship between the two jurisdictions. Examples of countries that have signed Free Trade Agreements with Turkey include Israel, Morocco, Georgia, Serbia, China, and others. Turkey is also a member of the World Trade Organization and of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership that allows for the existence of free trade policies between countries in the Mediterranean area.
Double tax treaties also encourage bilateral investments between Turkey and other countries worldwide. Our attorneys in Turkey can give you details about these agreements.
Foreign citizens who want information about immigration to Turkey are advised to contact our law firm and benefit from the legal services offered. Our specialists provide support for the preparation of the necessary documents for the visa and residence permit. Also, we are in permanent contact with the immigration authorities and we assure clients of easy communication in this regard. Therefore, we invite you to collaborate with our team if you wish to relocate to this country.

Turkish trade companies

Trade companies in Turkey can specialize in various fields, from importing and exporting various products to managing distribution chains, representing various producers, retailers or wholesalers and providing trade consultation and logistics services.
Foreign business owners in Turkey are permitted to engage in trade activities and have the same rights to open import/export businesses as do local investors.
The types of companies that can be set-up under the Turkish law are the limited liability company, the joint-stock company, the cooperative company, the collective or commandite companies. Foreign corporations that want to start their business operations in Turkey can open a branch or a subsidiary
Turkish companies must be registered with the Trade Registry by submitting the company’s notarized articles of association, identification documents for the company founders and other documents if a foreign company is opening a branch in Turkey.
The experts at our law firm in Turkey can help you with detailed information about the laws for foreign investments and the requirements for opening a company.