Open a Transportation and Storage Company in Turkey

Open a Transportation and Storage Company in Turkey

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Open-a-transportation-and-storage-company-in-Turkey.jpgManufacturing and agriculture are the two largest industries in Turkey and most of the products coming from companies in these sectors go to export. The large portion of manufactured items destined for exports has led to the development of the logistics industry and many foreign investors prefer to set up their operations in large Turkish cities from where they pick up and send most of the products to EU countries through the transportation companies.

The transportation and storage industries go hand in hand in Turkey and many enterprisers prefer to set up business which cover both transportation via railways, air, maritime and land and storage. Our lawyers in Turkey can offer information on the legislation governing transportation.

Steps to set up a transport and storage business in Turkey

The best structure for opening a transportation and storage company is the Turkish limited liability company because these are usually medium-sized businesses which need an appropriate entity. Following the registration of the company, the enterpriser must prepare the fleet through which the merchandise will be transported.

Turkey’s location is a great advantage if considering the possibility of transporting goods by land, because the formalities are simpler for freight companies. In this case, the Turkish company must purchase trucks and register them with the Land Transportation Authority.

Another important aspect when opening a transportation company in Turkey is hiring truck drivers with TIR carnets.

Our law firm in Turkey can assist with the registration of the company.

Transportation documents in Turkey

All transportation and storage companies in Turkey must keep records of the products they transport, respectively keep in storage up to the point of delivery. The documents which must accompany these goods are:

  • -          the commercial invoice;
  • -          the certificate of origin;
  • -          the proforma invoice;
  • -          the health certificate, in the case of products destined for human consumption.

Also, the products must carry the Conformity Compliance mark. In the case of tobacco and alcoholic products other special licenses are required.

For assistance in registering a transportation and storage company in Turkey, please contact our local lawyers.