Open a Travel Agency in Turkey

Open a Travel Agency in Turkey

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Open-a-Travel-Agency-in-Turkey.jpgSituated on two continents, Europe and Asia, and with excellent sea exits which provide connections with numerous countries, Turkey is a preferred destination for both entrepreneurs willing to make investments and for tourists worldwide in search of a different culture and tradition. With grand openings to the Aegean, Marmara, Mediterranean, and the Black Sea, Turkey has several trading ports which ease the import and export businesses with many other countries. With a variety of historical sites and cities full of history, Turkey is a great option for businessmen who want to set up a travel agency here. The legislation regarding the foreign investments in Turkey can be explained by our Turkish lawyers who can also provide legal support if you want to open a company.

Steps to consider when opening a travel agency in Turkey

A foreign investor can choose to start its activities through several forms of companies available in Turkey. For example, a travel agency in Turkey can be set up as a limited liability company and TRY 10,000 will represent the minimum share capital. As for a joint stock company through which your travel agency in Turkey will operate, an entrepreneur must provide TRY 50,000 as the minimum share capital when the company registration is performed with the local Trade Register. Businessmen can also choose to set up a commandite company for which there is no need for a minimum share capital. According to the type of activities a travel agency in Turkey will have, whether it will provide special touristic packages for Turkey or for countries abroad, specific licenses and permits will be necessary, a case for our attorneys in Turkey to help.

Why open a travel agency in Turkey?

With about 79 million people registered in 2016, a great geographic location, interesting culture, cuisine, traditions and history, Turkey will always be that special country to visit occasionally, being the 6th most popular tourist destination worldwide, according to statistics. The positive trend in tourism and the number of foreign visitors in Turkey met significant growth last year, once the political crisis has settled for the moment.
A travel agency in Turkey is a proper way to start making money, whether if it will function as a subsidiary or branch of a foreign tour operator or as a local business focused on trips around the world, including Turkey. Investing in Turkey’s tourism sector is a successful and long-term business, where the market is open for both local or foreign entrepreneurs.
We invite you to contact our law firm in Turkey for complete information and legal support if you want to open a travel agency in Turkey.