Open an E-commerce Business in Turkey

Open an E-commerce Business in Turkey

Updated on Friday 26th May 2023

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Open-an-e-commerce-business-in-Turkey.jpgDuring the last few years, e-commerce has become an important niche of the retail industry in Turkey which is why there are many online stores operating in this country. Not long ago, the government has enabled a new electronic commerce legislation which clarifies certain aspects related to the sale of goods and services online.
Enterprisers who want to open e-commerce businesses in this country, can receive information on the new Electronic Commerce Act from our law firm in Turkey.

Setting up the platform for an e-commerce business in Turkey

The platform of an e-commerce company is the website hosting the online store. In order to have such platform, a local or foreign entrepreneur must first register a company or a sole proprietorship with the Trade Register. Only then, the website can be created and the domain name purchased and integrated into the platform. A .tr domain name is advisable when creating a Turkish e-commerce business.
You can consult with a lawyer in Turkey when opening an online store in this country.

The obligations of e-commerce business in Turkey

One of the most important provisions of the new E-commerce Law covers the obligations of online retailers in Turkey. These are required to display the following information on the e-commerce platform:
  • a valid business address of the company;
  • the name of the company administering the website;
  • the tax number of the company.
Additionally, an email address and telephone number must be placed on the website, as well as the general terms and conditions once a client enters the platform. Security protocols must also be set up in order to protect personal information gathered from the clients.
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Recommendations for Turkish e-commerce businesses

The merchant account is currently a natural step when opening an e-commerce company in Turkey as there are many financial institutions offering such services. Also, online stores are advised to use electronic contracts, as well as traditional written ones, when solicited by clients.
Registering the domain name as a trademark is also important for those seeking to create a brand out of their e-commerce businesses.
For assistance in opening an e-commerce business in this country, please contact our Turkish lawyers.