Open an IT Company in Turkey

Open an IT Company in Turkey

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Open-an-IT-company-in-TurkeyAfter the liberalization of the telecommunications market, most companies in Turkey have started to set up online presences and sell their products via the Internet. This is also the moment in which the number of IT companies supplying services for these businesses has started growing.

 There are various laws which provide for the establishment of companies in the information technology in Turkey. Our Turkish law firm can assist foreign investors who want to establish businesses in the IT industry.

Legislation related to the IT sector in Turkey

There are various laws which apply when opening an IT business in Turkey. The most important one is the Commercial Code which refers to the actual registration of the company, followed by specific laws related to the IT industry.

The main laws governing the Turkish IT sector are:

  • -          the Electronic Communication Act;
  • -          the Regulation on Consumer Rights in the Telecommunications Sector;
  • -          the Authorization Regulation in the Telecommunications Sector;
  • -          the Regulation on Data Privacy and Processing Personal Data in Telecommunications Sector;
  • -          the Regulation on Access and Interconnection;
  • -          the Electronic Commerce Law No. 5653.

Turkey also enabled a law which covers possible crimes which can be committed via the Internet which made the country very appealing to foreign investors during the last several years.  A lawyer in Turkey can offer full information on the laws an IT company must comply with.

Registration and licensing of an IT company in Turkey

The first step to follow when starting an IT company in Turkey is to choose a business form and draft the incorporation documents. Our lawyers in Turkey can help with this and can also file the documentation with the Trade Register. Following this, the owner must apply for the relevant permits which will enable the company to operate. Among these, an authorization from the Information and Telecommunication Technologies Authority. The authorization can refer to:

  • -          an authorization contract;
  • -          a concession contract;
  • -          a telecommunication permit;
  • -          a general authorization.

For full information on the documents to be filed upon the opening of an IT business in Turkey, please contact us. You can also rely on our Turkish law firm for assistance with the company registration procedure.