Open Protected Fund in Turkey

Open Protected Fund in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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NameA protected fund can be described as a mutual fund that assures the initial investment of a shareholder, as long as he doesn’t sell his bonds. This type of investment fund lets the stockholder make a return from investing on the stock market without losing money. If you wish to open a protected fund in Turkey you can receive guidance and information from our lawyers in Turkey.

How to set up a protected fund in Turkey

A mutual fund or a protected fund in Turkey may be registered after having the approval of the Capital Markets Board (CMB) in the country, and needs to be set up by a portfolio executive company founded in Turkey. All the needed documents must contain the internal rules of the protected fund and then presented for approval at the Trade Register and also with the Capital Markets Board in Turkey. Our Turkish lawyers can provide you with suitable information about how to open a protected fund in Turkey.
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Why open a protected fund in Turkey?

It is good to know that the investment fund is protected from the beginning by an insurance policy, in order to avoid the probability of not paying the investor. This investment will be paid after the completed guarantee time. The protected fund is comparatively expensive related to other mutual funds and has minor weight in the stock market.
The main purpose of protected funds in Turkey is to maintain the primary amount while generating the chance to receive greater returns. Investors are counseled to choose long-term investments when thinking of protected funds in Turkey. It is good to know that if the stock market crashes, your investment fund will still be protected. Many overseas investors choose to open protected funds in Turkey, due to the stability offered by this type of investment.
Please feel free to contact our law firm in Turkey if you need extra information about how to open a protected fund in the country, or if you need legal services.