Resolve Contractual Disputes in Turkey

Resolve Contractual Disputes in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

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Resolve-Contractual-Disputes-in-Turkey.jpgThe contracts in Turkey have standard terms and conditions which need to be respected, but problems may appear if parties do not consider the importance of the stipulated requirements. This is how contractual disputes appear in Turkey and special attention it is recommended. If your company is involved in such problems, make sure to solicit help and legal advice from our Turkish lawyers.

Details about contracts in Turkey

Any company in Turkey needs to receive the help of an attorney before signing any contract, and here you can solicit help and guidance from our lawyers in Turkey. The terms need to be explained and adjusted if they do not match with the firm’s requirements. As a general rule related to the contracts in Turkey, the last terms and conditions are sent to be analyzed before the acceptance. If there are ambiguities in a contract, it is recommended to use the conventional principles to support the clarification.

How to settle a contractual dispute in Turkey

If one of the parties does not agree upon certain requirements of a contract in Turkey, a dispute may arise, which can be solved with two methods:
•    negotiation between the two parties;
•    legal solution in the court of law.
In order to avoid expensive costs in the court of law, it is recommended to negotiate and to mediate the conflict in normal manners and discussions, with the help of our Turkish law firm, who can analyze the contracts, who can obtain info about the status of both parties and who can identify the breaches in the contractual disputes.
In most cases, parties do find a suitable solution to the contractual dispute and reconsider the terms and the conditions in a board meeting or with the legal representative of the company, where no particular procedures are required. It is good to know that this is the main method when solving a contractual dispute and it is recommended before making any movement to the court of law.

Negotiation methods in Turkey

A negotiation method is not expensive, the parties are 100% implied in the new decisions and can rethink the terms and conditions stipulated in the signed contract. But if there are no positive results in contractual disputes in Turkey, the next step is the trial in the court of law, or the litigation, an expensive and time-consuming method, where negotiation methods are still necessary.
No matter the type of contractual dispute you might meet, it is recommended to contact our law firm in Turkey, in order to obtain the proper solution for your company.