Set Up a Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in Turkey

Set Up a Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in Turkey

Updated on Friday 26th May 2023

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Set-up-a-business-for-sale-of-motor-vehicles-in-Turkey.jpgThe automotive industry is one of the most performant economic sectors in Turkey, as many companies here produce and sell auto vehicles. Large car producers have operations in Turkey which is why establishing a business for selling motor vehicles here can be a very successful business idea.
In order to open a company for selling motor vehicles, a foreign entrepreneur is required to comply with a few requirements which can be explained by our lawyers in Turkey. We can also help with professional advice on the registration process of the Turkish company.

Requisites for registering a car dealership in Turkey

When deciding to start a business for selling automobiles in Turkey, an investor must first choose a business structure. The limited liability company is usually recommended for this type of business considering it cannot be established as a small or family business.
Our law firm in Turkey can help foreign investors in the procedure of preparing the documentation needed to register the company with the Trade Register. We can also handle the incorporation process, on request.

Types of businesses for selling motor vehicles in Turkey

As mentioned above, giants in the automotive industry operate through various types of facilities in Turkey, which is why there are various types of vehicles which can be sold here. Among these, we mention:
  • new cars from some of the largest car producers in the world can successfully be sold in Turkey;
  • second-hand cars are also sought and can be a very good business idea for local investors;
  • Turkey is one of the largest producers of public transportation means, therefore these types of vehicles can be sold in automotive dealerships;
  • motorbikes can also be sold in car dealerships registered in Turkey.


A special category of motor vehicles which can be sold in Turkey made of agricultural machinery. Also, Turkish companies selling motor vehicles can also sell auto spare parts.
If you want to obtain a passport by investment in Turkey, you can find out all the information from one of our lawyers. Also, they can take care of the formalities and procedures so that you can benefit from support right from the beginning of this process. An investment of approximately USD 400,000 in real estate can bring you the desired status, and with the obtained passport you can travel without restrictions in many countries, including the USA.
Interested in opening a company for selling motor vehicles? You can rely on our team of Turkish lawyers who specialize in offering assistance in business registration, so do not hesitate to contact us.