Set up a Company in the Farming Sector in Turkey

Set up a Company in the Farming Sector in Turkey

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Set-up-a-Company-in-the-Farming-Sector-in-Turkey.jpgThe agriculture is an important field which Turkey relies on when it comes to the economy of the country. The authorities are aware of the potential and have implemented varied measurements to encourage even more the foreign investments. Farmers in Turkey have the possibility of selling their products to big companies in the country, where the rules and regulations mentioned by the Agricultural Law must be respected and entirely understood. If you want to start your activities in the farming sector in Turkey and you need a business plan or details about the taxation system, you may address to our lawyers in Turkey.

Choosing the business form for your farming company in Turkey

From varied types of companies a businessman can set up in Turkey, one should consider registering a cooperative, a preferred form of business in the agricultural sector in the country. The reasons for setting up such entity are multiple, but we remind that a cooperative may permit farmers to sell their items (grains, fruits, vegetables or dairy products) to large companies with establishments in the country or outside Turkey. It is well known that Turkey is one of the biggest fruits and vegetables exporters in the world, but mainly for EU (European Union) countries.
Family businesses in Turkey’s agriculture are usually set up like small farms or cooperatives, about 15% of the active population in the country working in the farming sector. If you want to establish a company in the farming sector in Turkey, you may solicit guidance and legal help from our Turkish lawyers.

Why set up a company in the farming sector in Turkey?

Probably the main reason why you should establish a farm or a cooperative in Turkey is that the country exports anything: from cereals to dairy products or special fruits like figs which are not to be found in the Eastern Europe market. Therefore, your products can be easily sold outside the country. The excellent climate in Turkey, the numerous incentives offered for farmers, the low costs for the labor force in the agricultural sector make investors from abroad to point their attention to the opportunities Turkey can offer in the farming sector.
A business in the farming sector in Turkey is for sure a successful one, where costs and risks are at low levels. We invite you to contact our law firm in Turkey for additional information in this matter.