Set Up a Company in the FMCG Sector in Turkey

Set Up a Company in the FMCG Sector in Turkey

Updated on Saturday 15th December 2018

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Set-up-a-company-in-the-FMCG-sector-in-Turkey.jpgFor years now, Turkey is the European Union’s largest trading partner when it comes to foodstuff and other products which enter the category of fast-moving consumer goods, mainly known as the FMCG industry. This is also the sector contributing the most to the Turkish economy.

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in Turkey are invited to consider the FMCG industry which offers many interesting opportunities. One can set up the following businesses in the Turkish FMCG sector:

  • -          agricultural businesses;
  • -          shops selling over-the-counter pharmaceutical products;
  • -          retail shops selling beverages and tobacco;
  • -          shops selling electronic products.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the legislation governing the fast-moving consumer goods industry from our law firm in Turkey.

How to create a FMCG business in Turkey

The company registration procedure of a FMCG business is no different from the formation of any other type of business in Turkey. With the help of a Turkish lawyer, one can select the right type of entity and register it with the Trade Register. Prior to the registration, the preparation of a set of documents and choosing a trade name are required.

It should be noted that in 2011, Turkey has enabled several rules for those selling or buying FMCG products in Turkey. Some of these rules refer to the fees related to the sale or purchase of the products and the labeling of the goods.

Licenses related to the FMCG sector in Turkey

Once the FMCG company is registered, it will need to apply for various special licenses or permits related to the retail of these products. Import or export licenses are required depending on the activity of the company. A retail license for selling the FMCG products in Turkey will also be necessary.

The Retail Information System (PERBIS) is the authority in charge with issuing the retail licenses and all FMCG retailers must be registered here. The import and export permits must be obtained with the Turkish Customs Authorities.

For full information on the requirements related to starting a business in the FMCG sector in Turkey, please contact us. Our attorneys in Turkey can also assist with the drafting of the documents and company registration procedure.