Share Capital of a Turkish Company

Share Capital of a Turkish Company

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

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Share-Capital-of-a-Turkish-Company.jpgWith a proper business environment and many development opportunities, Turkey is among preferred countries for foreign entrepreneurs to invest in and to make profits. After a suitable analysis of the Turkish market, the overseas investors will decide which type of company is appropriate to their needs, will analyze the budget and the minimum share capital. Our Turkish lawyers can provide you with information and details about the necessary minimum share capital for setting up a company in Turkey.

The share capital for a commandite company in Turkey

This type of company does not impose a certain share capital to be provided, but the stockholders may deposit any capital they wish. The commandite company in Turkey is usually selected for all sorts of commercial activities and for the simple registration process.

The share capital for a joint stock company in Turkey

When deciding to set up a joint stock company in Turkey, one should know that it is necessary to deposit a minimum share capital of TRY 50,000. A foreign entrepreneur may choose to open a joint stock company if he wants to run a large business in Turkey and can have 100% ownership.

The share capital for a limited liability company in Turkey

For small and medium businesses, the owners can set up limited liability companies, where the minimum share capital is TRY 10,000. A limited liability company in Turkey can have one or more shareholders. Our lawyers in Turkey can offer legal assistance and information about the minimum share capital for all sorts of entities you want to establish in the country.

Reasons to invest in Turkey

Turkey has always been an attractive destination for overseas investors, due to a proper location, transportation, and friendly business background. When thinking to invest in Turkey, it is good to know that you can hire the workforce available in the country because most of them are well trained and skilled young people in different areas like tourism, manufacturing or marketing.
The laws related to the foreign investments in Turkey are permissive and the government has always implemented different reforms and suitable taxation system to attract investments.
Regarding the minimum share capital for a Turkish company, you can solicit additional information if you contact our law firm in Turkey.