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Digital Nomad Visa in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 24th April 2024

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digital nomad visa in turkey
Turkey is one of the countries that offer optimal working conditions for digital nomads. Even if there is no specific program, foreigners can apply for an e-visa and live in Turkey for 3 months. If the stay is extended, a residence permit is required. Find out from our Turkish lawyers how you can get a digital nomad visa in Turkey.
 Quick Facts  
Who can obtain a digital nomad visa for Turkey? Digital nomad visa can be issued for EU and non-EU/EEA citizen, with several exceptions.

Requirements for digital nomad visa for Turkey

Travel authorization must be obtained before arrival. A travel insurance is also required.

Necessary documents 

- a valid passport,

- rental contract,

- standard forms completed online

Financial conditions

Bank statements showing you have at least USD 550/month

Nomad residence permit in Turkey 

It can be issued for temporary or long-term period. Applicants must provide information about their domicile in Turkey, alongside valid passport, police record and medical insurance.

Application for digital nomad visa in Turkey

Preparation of required documents, plus proof of payment of tax visa for Turkey.

Validity of the digital nomad visa for Turkey

1 year with the possibility of extension

 Requirements for family members inclusion

Application for a visa and residence permit is mandatory for family members.

 Taxes for digital nomads

Foreigners working remote in Turkey are required to pay the taxes in the country of origin.

Time frame for obtaining a digital nomad visa for  Turkey

In 48 hours through the E-visa portal

Starting a business in Turkey as a digital nomad

Applicants can start a business in the country of origin and manage it from Turkey. There is also the option of setting up a business in Turkey, respecting the legislation related to incorporation and tax registration.

Digital nomad visa for UK citizens

There is no need for a visa to enter Turkey as a British citizen for a stay of no more than 90 days. If the period prolongs, applicants must obtain a residence permit for Turkey.

Turkey credit rating

B3 rating, stable according to Moody's

Official language

Turkish, but more than 17% of the population speaks English

Reasons to apply for a digital nomad visa for Turkey

- a wide range of business opportunities,

- proper coworking spaces,

- multicultural country,

- great standards of living


Turkish digital nomad visa and a few formalities

As mentioned above, there is no specific digital nomad visa program in Turkey. Foreigners interested in remote work can apply for a visa and live in any city in Turkey, as long as they comply with immigration rules. Let's review some of these:
  • The e-visa can be obtained online by filling in a standard form.
  • A copy of the valid passport is required.
  • A visa fee is paid.
  • A digital nomad visa for Turkey also requires a residence permit. You need to prove a bank statement.
  • A lease contract is required.
  • Travel insurance is required.
Please note that no work permit is required if you are interested in a digital nomad visa in Turkey. As long as you do not cooperate with Turkish citizens and therefore do not offer taxable services in Turkey, you can easily get Turkey digital nomad visa. One of our immigration lawyers in Turkey can help you with the formalities referring to remote work in Turkey. In case you are interested in obtaining a digital nomad visa for another country, for example for Spain, we recommend our Spanish partners who are specialized immigration lawyers -

Conditions for remote work in Turkey

Digital nomads have various possibilities to work remotely. If you want to replace your home landscape with one in the city, you can choose coworking spaces, cafes, and restaurants that offer internet access. Istanbul is one of the favorite cities of foreigners who work remotely. Here are some other benefits of the digital nomad visa in Turkey:
  • In addition to the high-quality lifestyle you can enjoy, you should consider costs of approximately USD 500 per month.
  • Basic utilities do not exceed USD 50 per month.
  • The internet costs around USD 9.
  • Renting a studio costs between USD 270 and USD 460 per month.
  • Around 32 Mb/s is the average internet speed in Turkey.
These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. Legal advice for those who want to start a business can call our law firm in Turkey. Get in touch with if interested in immigration to Turkey and also discover the following infographic:
5 conditions for getting a Turkish digital nomad visa

Remote work in Turkey for freelancers

Along with the social changes in the work environment, many of those who work on their own prefer to travel and work from countries that offer digital nomad visas, such as Turkey. Remote work in Turkey is available for freelancers who want to change the landscape and strictly deal with their business in a pleasant work environment.
Remote work from Turkey is available to business owners from abroad, photographers, web designers, IT specialists, architects, and other professionals whose work does not involve staying at the office from 9 to 5 or traveling for discussions that can take place online. Those who want to work remotely from Turkey can get in touch with our Turkish lawyers for legal information and other details.

Remote work in Turkey – What city to choose

If you want to develop remote work in Turkey, you should first of all discover which city would suit you better. Here are some recommendations in this regard:
  • Istanbul - With a population of over 15 million inhabitants, the city is the largest in Turkey and the main port of the country. Built between two worlds, the new and the old, Istanbul attracts thousands of tourists every year. On the other hand, the city is a strong financial center where the headquarters of major international companies are located. If you want to rent a house in Istanbul, it could cost you around TL 2500-3500 for 100 square meters.
  • Ankara – The cosmopolitan capital, with over 5.6 million inhabitants, is another top destination for those interested in remote work from Turkey. Like Istanbul, Ankara is an important financial center and one of the top destinations for those who want to work remotely from Turkey.
  • Bursa - Another important city in Turkey, with over 3 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, Bursa preserves a good part of the history of the Ottoman Empire. Many of the foreign students prefer to come here because of the higher education offered by prestigious colleges. Also, Bursa is one of the top destinations in Turkey where foreign entrepreneurs enjoy an optimal and highly appreciated business climate. You can choose Bursa if you are looking for remote work in Turkey, a special city that offers a wide range of possibilities.
Below is a video presentation that explains the ways in which a digital nomad visa in Turkey can be obtained:

Americans and Canadians looking for remote work from Turkey

There are no restrictions regarding the nationality of those who choose to work remotely in Turkey. Thus, most digital nomads can enter Turkey without the need for a visa and can stay in this country for 90 days. If European citizens do not need a visa, things change for Americans and Canadians.
They can apply for an e-visa and obtain the desired visa in a relatively short time. In any of the cases, a residence permit in Turkey is needed for a stay longer than 3 months in this country, and the formalities can be explained and managed by one of our lawyers with experience in immigration matters.

No special digital visa program in Turkey

We remind you that there is no special program to obtain a digital nomad visa for Turkey and no restrictions regarding the nationality of those who choose this country for remote work in Turkey. As long as you have a valid passport and a certain amount of money in a bank account, things are simplified in terms of visa and residence permit. However, we recommend that you ask for specialized help and trust our law firm in Turkey.

Why choose Turkey for remote work

Turkey is a conglomerate of cultures and traditions. The country is one of the most visited in the world, with an impressive number of tourists each year. As remote work has been rapidly adopted in the current social context, Turkey can be an excellent destination for digital nomads. In addition to traditional cuisine, a mix of European and Islamic cultures, Turkey also offers optimal conditions for foreign businessmen.
Even though there is no dedicated digital nomad visa program in Turkey, foreigners can relocate easily. Turkey has permissive immigration legislation and offers the possibility to obtain a visa online. The formalities for the residence permit are not complex and you can discuss all the details with one of our lawyers in Turkey. Also, those who want to start a business in Turkey or relocate to a company can contact us.
Interested in residency in Turkey? Our lawyers have experience in immigration issues and can offer you the necessary support in this endeavor. Once you have entered Turkey with the necessary visa, you must register with the local authorities, after which the procedures for obtaining the respective permit will begin. This can be obtained at the same time as the work one, which is an advantage for applicants. Get in touch with us and discover our legal services, including free case evaluation.

Why work with our specialists in Turkey

We have experience in immigration issues and we can help foreigners obtain the desired visa. Our immigration lawyers in Turkey can handle the preparation of documents, as well as other formalities. You can rely on professionalism, efficiency, and transparency if you work with us.
Want more information about digital nomad visas for Turkey? Would you like to know more about immigration to Turkey? You can contact our law firm in Turkey and get specialist advice. If you need digital nomad visa in Croatia or other countries, we can put you in touch with our local partners.