Verification of a Turkish Company

Verification of a Turkish Company

Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2023

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verification_of_a_turkish_company.jpgA verification of a Turkish company is necessary for a foreign entrepreneur when he needs to buy a shelf company in this country or he wants to conclude an important contract with a business partner. A businessman from abroad may contact a Turkish lawyer in order to make this verification or he may try to act on his own, if he knows the main procedures.

The interest in developing a business in Turkey has grown in the last years due to the economic reforms of the Turkish authorities whose interest is to attract increasingly more foreign entrepreneurs. The reforms have brought hundreds of foreign investors every year and they incorporate their companies with the local Trade Register, the entity which may offer information about every company registered in this country.

Other information about Turkish companies is to be found in the Trade Register Gazette, a publication available since 1957. If you are interested in older copies of this publication, you may go to the Gazette office where you will find copies since the beginning or you may send a letter for your request and pay a fee for receiving the desired information.  A large part of the information is available online for free.

The database containing the information about Turkish companies is available for public use. A foreign or a local investor is entitled to receive information about: company’s name, its address, shareholders, capital share etc. 

Documents for company formation

At the registration of each company in Turkey, a few documents are required:

-  an application for the incorporation and a notification form, signed by the representatives of the company;
-    a letter of undertaking;
-    articles of association;
-    founders’ statement;
-    a proof from the bank where the share capital was deposited;
-    another proof from the bank regarding the payment of 0.04% of the capital share to the Turkish Competition Authority etc.
Residency in Turkey can be obtained after you relocate to this country. it is good to know that the temporary one is valid for 2 years and can be issued within a maximum of 3 months from the date of application. You will need proof of residence in Turkey, as well as information about personal income. The authorities also require a clear criminal record, and after the permit is issued, citizens must also register with the local authorities.
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This kind of information is to be found at the Trade Register and if you need help in order to receive it, you may contact our law firm in Turkey. Our Turkish attorneys will help you verify the companies you are interested in.