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Virtual office for your company in Turkey

Updated on Monday 21st November 2022

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virtual_office_turkey.jpg.jpgvirtual office for your company in Turkey is a solution for decreasing the administrative costs and increasing the profit for your business, without losing the credibility and other advantages of having a traditional office. For certain types of activities, you don’t need a large office and many employees, so you can choose to have a virtual office provided by our lawyers in Turkey. They may offer you a prestigious business address and additional services, which are very important for impressing your business partners.

virtual office in Istanbul or in another major town in Turkey, at a prestigious business address, ensures you a good image on the market for both clients and business partners who will trust more a company located in Turkey than one from abroad, with no contact on the Turkish territory.

The main uses of a virtual office in Istanbul

Even if in most cases the virtual office is a temporary solution, it can be employed for various purposes. Until a few years ago, the virtual office had limited usability and this service was not to be found in many cities, however, as the real estate industry in Turkey increased at a fast pace, business owners saw the advantage of developing office buildings in which such services could be provided by those interested.
Nowadays, virtual offices in Istanbul can be used for activities like:
  1. a registered address of a local company during the company registration phase and shorty after;
  2. a traditional office in a Turkish where one or more employees can be dispatched;
  3. a headquarter by foreign companies which provide various remote services to clients in Turkey;
  4. meetings with business partners or potential clients (the meeting rooms can be hired with prior reservation).
Our Turkish company formation specialists can accommodate your needs with the help of virtual office services. Here is an infographic explaining the main advantages of virtual offices in Turkey:
Advantages of a virtual office in Turkey1.png

How does a virtual office work?

The virtual office can be established in a location agreed upon by the client and represents a place, or better said an office which is equipped in order to allow the customer to receive mails, faxes and phone calls. The services offered by our Turkish company formation representatives also include a person who takes the messages from customers or business partners and who will forward them to a desired address in another country specified by the owner.
Foreign companies may also designate an employee from the parent company who runs the virtual office in Turkey.
The virtual office implies selecting an address where the company will receive its correspondence, and which can be given to clients or business partners as a direct contact point in Turkey.

Why choose a virtual office in Turkey?

The virtual office is much cheaper option to the traditional office that can be used for various purposes. The services included in the virtual office packages one can find in Turkey are also more when compared to a traditional office space that needs to be equipped by the client. Since we have mentioned this aspect, it is good to note that a virtual office will come with all the necessary communications equipment and will enable the user to start his or her activities right away, thus not losing time with various administrative tasks.
Our company formation consultants in Turkey can offer more information on the advantages of a virtual office and why should go for this option instead of a traditional space. If you decide to open a business here, we can provide you with tailored virtual office services.
Those interested in a residence in Turkey are advised to contact our experts, respectively our lawyers. There are a number of formalities to be completed, which can be carefully managed by our specialists. Thus, the necessary documents will be drawn up, such as health insurance, proof of domicile, and income. In addition to this aspect, we mention that the employment contract will also be needed for those who have accepted jobs in this country, as part of the application.

When to buy virtual office services in Turkey

Most foreign companies decide to purchase a virtual office service in Turkey before registering any other form of business because of the low setup and maintenance costs it implies and because of they can choose any location or even business centers with reputable addresses.
Among the services available in a virtual office in Turkey are:
  • mail collection and forwarding to another local or foreign address;
  • voicemail services, which can include fax and call forwarding services;
  • professional address in renowned business centers in large cities in Turkey;
  • local phone number which can be used to keep in contact with clients and business partners.
On request, clients can also rent a meeting room in the address where the virtual office in located.

Communication services in Turkey

In a virtual office, one can find the latest communications technology or simple phones, depending on their requirements. The greatest advantage of the communication services in a Turkish virtual office is that they can obtain local phone numbers with answering and voicemail services in order to say connected at all times. On request, call redirection services are also available. In certain cases, the service can also come with a virtual assistant who can take messages from clients or partners and re-route them to a previously provided phone number or mail address. Those who need fax services can have them included in the package.
We remind foreign investors that our main service is related to helping them open companies in Turkey, however, we can also support them with virtual office services at their request.
The video below presents the most important virtual office services available in Turkey:

Office space services in Turkey

Virtual offices have appeared as a response to meeting the urgent needs of business owners and even individuals who needed an already-equipped place where they can start working right away. From there, things have evolved, and the virtual office has become a preferred option of those who open companies and need a registered for their business. Turkey is one of the countries in which the Company Law requires businesses incorporated here to have a physical address in the country and the virtual office can be used as a proof for the respective address. It is important to note, though, this is a temporary solution.
For those who need a virtual office for the space services included, this option is a much cheaper option to the traditional office. If you want to open a Turkish company and need information on the requirements to comply with, our company formation representatives can explain them to you.

The main advantages of a virtual office

You can conclude contracts easily from your virtual office in Turkey, where you may meet your business partners. The address of the virtual office will be written on all your official documents and you will benefit from a phone/fax number, with a receptionist who will take your calls and transfer them to another line. We will deliver all your mail at your desired address or store them.
Other additional services offered to your company are:
  • conference/meeting room services with a prior notification sent to our lawyers,
  • we can also assist with secretary services, at the clients’ request,
  • personal assistant services are also available for those interested,
  • a professional address in some of the most renowned business centers in Turkish cities.
You can have a virtual office and these additional services at smaller costs than if you rent an office just for your company and you hire dedicated personnel. It is cost efficient to have a virtual office and to benefit from professional services than a traditional one, at larger costs.

Details about how you can have a virtual office you can find out from our local lawyers in Turkey. They will provide you a receptionist who will answer the calls on behalf of you and deliver the messages you need.

The virtual office and the traditional office in Turkey

Foreign investors can choose between virtual office and traditional offices spaces in Turkey and many of them often take some time before making a decision. However, those deciding for the virtual office will have several benefits among which:
  1. they do not have to hire or relocate an employee to the virtual office;
  2. the costs generated by a virtual office are cheaper than the ones of a traditional office;
  3. all virtual offices are equipped with top technological facilities unlike the traditional ones;
  4. all virtual offices are located in business centers and thus easier to make a connection with the clients’ businesses;
  5. compared to a traditional office, the virtual office is a service which can be bought.
You can benefit from virtual offices in IstanbulAnkaraIzmir, Antalya and other major cities in Turkey, at low prices. We are experienced in finding the best alternatives for your business office, in accordance with your needs.

FAQ on virtual offices in Turkey


  1. Is it expensive to buy a virtual office service in Turkey?
Buying a virtual office is not expensive, as a matter of fact it cheaper than renting a traditional office.
  1. How fast can I use the virtual office after I buy your services?
You can start using the office right away. We only ask clients to notify us a few days ahead if they need meeting room services.
  1. If I want to add another service to my virtual office package, can I do it?
All our services are personalized, so, yes, you can add another option to your existing services.
  1. Can I use the virtual office as a legal address for my company?
Yes, the virtual office can be used as a legal address for a Turkish company.
  1. Why should I choose your virtual office services?
All our services are tailored, so before you purchase the package, we can establish together what the services you need are and based on that we will make you an offer. Plus, all our services can be customized.
If you need more information or you want to have a virtual office in Turkey, you can contact our attorneys in Turkey.