Articles of Association for a Company in Turkey

Articles of Association for a Company in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Articles-of-Association-for-a-Company-in-Turkey.jpgThe articles of association are mandatory documents needed to incorporate a company in Turkey. They include relevant information about the future legal entity, business scope and activity, shareholders and their rights. These bylaws need to be drawn up in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code.
The articles of association are needed for private limited liability companies as well as joint stock companies. Our team of lawyers in Turkey can help you conclude these documents according to the type of company and the business field in which it operates.

General information about the company

The articles of association include the main details about the company such as its name (the unique trade name followed by the company type name) and information about its founders: names, addresses, nationalities.
The objective and scope of the company is a separate category included in the bylaws that serve as the main description of the company's objectives. A brief description of the type of business and the range of services is included here. If the company will engage in different business activities after it is incorporated, such change will be subject to approval from the Board of Directors.
The articles of association include information about the registered office and its location as well as any existing company branches. Temporary articles may also be included in the bylaws. Our attorneys in Turkey can help you draw them up.
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Information about the shares and shareholders

The company’s share capital is divided into shares that have a certain nominal value. The bylaws contain information about the fully subscribed amounts, the amounts owned by the shareholders and the types of shares they hold as well as the rights they are entitled to according to the amount and type of shares. The dividend payment method and the transfer of shares may also be set forth in the articles. The information about the transfer of shares is only applicable for joint stock companies, the ones that offer their shares to the public and are listed on the Stock Exchange.
Other information included in the articles of association refers to the Board of Directors and the meetings that are mandatory, the financial year and the auditing and reporting requirements.
You can contact our law firm in Turkey for more information about the company incorporation procedure in the country and the mandatory company documents.