Lawyers in Istanbul

Lawyers in Istanbul

Updated on Monday 21st November 2022

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Istanbul is one of Turkey’s most prolific cities, attracting hundreds of thousands foreign tourists and investors every year. Those who need to deal with various legal issues can rely on our lawyers in Turkey who can provides tailored services to those who need services in Istanbul.

Our lawyers in Istanbul can represent clients no matter the situation they are involved in.

If you need to incorporate a company in Istanbul or to deal with legal issues in this city, you may contact our local lawyers who are experienced in commercial law, company incorporation and corporate litigation. You won’t have to go to Istanbul in order to solve your legal issues because you can give our lawyers the power of attorney and they will represent you wherever it is necessary.

Our lawyers in Istanbul provide a wide range of legal services for international clients.

Legal services provided by our lawyers in Istanbul

With experience in most areas of the law, our law firm in Turkey offers legal services in Istanbul, among which:

  1. legal assistance in registering a business and obtaining the necessary licenses for companies in Istanbul;
  2. assistance in insolvency, restructuring and liquidating companies in Istanbul, where required;
  3. legal assistance in various litigation matters, such as commercial, contract and employment disputes;
  4. assistance in debt collection cases in Istanbul in both amicable and court recovery procedures;
  5. assistance in relocating to Istanbul by acquiring a property and applying for residence permits;
  6. assistance in various taxation matters, such as tax legislation and minimization for companies registered in Istanbul.


If you need any other legal services, our lawyers in Istanbul can are at your disposal.

Incorporation of companies in Istanbul

The main steps for opening a company in Istanbul imply:

  • - drafting the company’s incorporation documents and having them notarized by a public notary in Istanbul;
  • - filing the documents required to open the business with the Istanbul office of the Trade Register;
  • - opening a bank account and depositing the share capital in accordance with the type of company registered;
  • - the registration for taxation purposes with the local offices of the Revenue Administration in Turkey;
  • - applying for the necessary business licenses with the Istanbul offices of the competent authorities.


No matter the type of company you need to open in Turkey, our lawyers in Istanbul will help you with the registration procedures. They also provide legal assistance for choosing the right type of company, according to the specific of your business. After you have your company incorporated and you start running your business, you may need legal services for your daily activity, accounting services and company domiciliation. Our lawyers in Istanbul will help you with all of these and you won’t spend a lot of time searching for the best offer for virtual office or accounting services.

For opening a branch or a subsidiary of your company in Istanbul, you can contact our lawyers. They will handle the incorporation of a branch/subsidiary, no matter if it is a legal entity or one depending on the mother-company.

For certain businesses in Turkey, you need special permits and licenses. Our lawyers in Istanbul can help you obtain these documents and run the business you want, without spending long hours at the Turkish authorities offices in order to submit the documents required and then to take the permits/licenses.

Whenever you want to buy shares in a Turkish company or do some business operations, such as mergers and acquisitions, you can count on our lawyers.

Our lawyers in Istanbul can also assist companies undergoing mergers and acquisitions which fall under specific laws in Turkey. We can help with the preparation of all documents which need to be presented with the authorities in such procedures.

We remind investors that mergers and acquisitions in Turkey are subject to a comprehensive set of documents which require special attention when drafted, a case in which our lawyers in Istanbul can assist.

No matter the legal services you need for starting a business in Istanbul, our Turkish lawyers can help you. If you want to start the procedure of registering a company before arriving to Istanbul, our lawyers can handle the procedure with a power of attorney.

Liquidation and dissolution of companies in Turkey

When it comes the liquidation of a Turkish company, our lawyers in Istanbul can help in both voluntary and compulsory liquidation procedures which are usually started in a court of law. Our Turkish lawyers can help with the preparation of the documents which need to be filed with the Trade Register in case of voluntary company liquidation.

If any restructuring measures apply, our law firm in Turkey can assist the shareholders with their implementation. However, if the liquidation procedure is imposed by a Turkish court of law, our lawyers can help with the de-registration with the Trade Register.

For the liquidation and dissolution of companies, our attorneys in Istanbul will offer you the best solutions tailored to your business and your needs. When you need help with the bankruptcy procedures, you may contact our attorneys in Istanbul for details and assistance.

Foreigners interested in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey can contact our lawyers to take care of the formalities involved. In this sense, applicants must prepare a valid passport, proof of income, domicile, and health insurance. Certain documents require translation and legalization, aspects that can be successfully managed by one of our Turkish attorneys. We, therefore, invite you to benefit from the legal services offered by our specialists.

Commercial litigation in Istanbul

No matter the litigation procedure you are involved in, our lawyers in Istanbul can offer the necessary support in and outside the court of law.

We can assist in various litigation cases, among which civil cases which imply family matters, such as divorce, child custody and maintenance procedures, as well as, in commercial, contractual and employment disputes, the latter being tried in special tribunals. If you need assistance in litigation cases, our lawyers in Istanbul can help you.

For litigation, you may contact our attorneys in Istanbul who will represent you during the whole procedure.

 Minimization of taxes

Knowing the tax legislation before coming to a country is imperative, which is why if you plan on relocating to Istanbul or you want to set up a company here, you can find out everything there is to know about taxation here from our Turkish law firm.

If you need to know more about how you can minimize your taxes in Turkey, you can contact our lawyers in Istanbul. They will also recommend you an experienced accountant who will help you with the financial issues and reduce your costs.

Debt collection

When you run your business in Turkey, you may have problems with debt recovery, so you will need a lawyer. He will assist you for the recuperation of debts from companies located in Istanbul and other Turkish towns, including court representation.

Debt collection is usually unpleasant for both the creditor and the indebted party, which is why our lawyers in Istanbul can facilitate communication between parties with the aim of reaching an amicable agreement.

In case this procedure fails, our lawyers can offer support in the court of law where the debt recovery will be ordered by a judge.

Why choose Istanbul?

Istanbul is one of the most prolific cities in Turkey, alongside Ankara and Izmir, however, its main advantages are:

  • - Istanbul has more than 17 million people living in, which makes larger than 177 countries around the world;
  • - Istanbul represented 38% of Turkey’s total industrial output at the level of 2018;
  • - Istanbul is also one of the most productive cities in the country as 40% of the country’s taxes are collected from those who work and run businesses here;
  • - approximately 57% of the country’s exports derives from Istanbul and the city also imports 605 of Turkey’s total imports.


For complete legal services in Istanbul, please contact our Turkish law firm. If you need a digital nomad visa in Turkey, contact us for legal assistance.