Hiring Employees in Turkey

Hiring Employees in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2023

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hiring_employees_in_turkey.jpgAfter a foreign entrepreneur opens a company in Turkey, he will most likely need to hire local employees for his business. The procedure is not complicated if the foreign investor chooses to have Turkish employees, but it could be more complex if he wants to hire foreign citizens who will need work and residence permits in order to be allowed to work in Turkey.
Before hiring employees, the entrepreneur should know the main rules related to employment in Turkey that are to be found in the Labour Law no. 4857/2003.
The employee in Turkey is defined as the natural person who works based on an employment contract signed with a legal entity. The number of foreign investors interested in hiring Turkish employees has risen in the last years, when the foreign direct investments in Turkey has increased as the authorities has taken important measures for encouraging the foreign investments and creating a business-friendly environment.

Types of employment contract

Before hiring employees in Turkey, the employer must decide what types of contracts are suitable for his business. There are contracts on an indefinite period of time or determined period, for special projects etc. The contracts signed for at least one year must be concluded in writing.
The probation period, in this case, is maximum two months and within this period the contract can be ended without any negative effects. When you draft an employment contract, you must know that it should respect the Turkish laws and the rights of the workers. If you don’t know for sure all the local rules, you may ask a Turkish lawyer. Legal assistance for employment contracts is important in order to avoid legal problems what may occur later.
The employees should be very careful also when they finish an employment contract. The termination can be done respecting certain rules and it is very important to know these conditions, especially when it comes to paying compensations for employees. An attorney in Turkey will offer you legal assistance and help you with the termination respecting all the legal procedures.  
Obtaining residency in Turkey can be done with the help of our lawyers. They can successfully manage the formalities related to the necessary documents and we mention that the authorities require a criminal record as part of the application. You will also need a valid passport, proof of new domicile and personal funds, and health insurance. We also mention that registration with the local authorities is mandatory. We, therefore, invite you to learn all the legal aspects from our local specialists.
If you need information or legal advice for hiring local and foreign citizens in Turkey, you may contact our law firm in Turkey. Our Turkish lawyers will help you find the better solutions for hiring and terminating employment contracts.