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Updated on Friday 09th September 2022

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inheritance lawyers turkey.jpgProperty inheritance in Turkey is regulated by the Inheritance Law, which can be explained entirely by a Turkish lawyer with experience in this field. Information about heirs and how you can take possession of family property can be provided by our specialists. Find out in this article what you need to know about Inheritance Law in Turkey. Plus, if you are from overseas, you can solicit dedicated support from our immigration lawyers in Turkey.

Some of the principles of Inheritance Law in Turkey

The movable and immovable properties owned by a person are mentioned by Inheritance Law in Turkey. In case of a death in the family, children are the ones who enter into the discussion for the inheritance of the fortune, together with the husband or wife, as the case may be. Therefore, those who are entitled in this direction are close family members. Here are other details about the inheritance process in Turkey, with the mention that our inheritance lawyers in Turkey can offer you the necessary legal help in this process:
  1. If the deceased does not have children, the inheritance goes to his parents.
  2. If the deceased person has no children or parents, a part of the assets is taken over by the husband or wife, together with his brother and grandfather.
  3. There are also cases in which a person's assets go directly to the Turkish government, if there are no heirs, in case of death. First of all, all debts will be paid, if there are such obligations.
Find out from our inheritance lawyers in Turkey what the inheritance tax in Turkey entails and what are the conditions involved. Complete support is also provided for those interested in immigration to Turkey.

How a family inheritance is divided

According to Turkish laws, especially the Inheritance Law, half of the properties is directed to the wife or husband, as the case may be, and the second half is divided equally among the children. In order to be able to transfer the inheritance in the family, it is necessary to present some documents attesting the respective properties. In addition to property titles, a will is required with complete information about the inheritance left to the family.

Inheritance tax in Turkey – What you need to know

Inheritance tax in Turkey varies between 1% and 30%, depending on the inheritance transfer. In the case of foreigners who inherit a property held in Turkey, they are obliged to pay inheritance and transfer tax because the legislation in this country comes into question. It is important to know that there are also cases in which the properties are transferred as donations or gifts, as a result of which no tax is applied.
We remind you that the legislation on the transmission of inheritance in Turkey offers equal rights to both the citizens of this country and those abroad in terms of taxes. Everything you need to know about laws and the right to inherit in Turkey can be found at our specialists. Our lawyers in Turkey are ready to provide answers to all the problems you encounter regarding inheritance rights.

When should inheritance tax be paid in Turkey?

Inheritance tax in Turkey can be paid in about 3 years from the date of inheritance in case of death. This period is mentioned by the legislation in force, and you can find more details in this regard from our experts.
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Registration of a will in Turkey

Anyone who wants to make a will has this possibility in Turkey. Such a document will contain detailed information about a person's property and how it can be distributed in the family in the event of a death.
According to the legislation in force, persons over 15 years of age, in full mental faculties, have the right to make their will and sign it in front of two witnesses, or in the court of law, in front of a designated official. More about inheritance law in Turkey can be offered by our inheritance lawyer in Turkey who can also represent you if you want to register a will.

Choose the legal help of our lawyers in Turkey

The laws of a country may seem quite complex for a foreign citizen facing certain problems. The distribution of property after the death of a relative, for example, is a special case that can be treated accordingly, with specialized help from our experts. Our clients can rely on professionalism and trust when collaborating with us. Here are some figures on inheritance in Turkey:
  1. 50% of a Turkey property is inherited y the spouse, while the other half by the children of the deceased person.
  2. Inheritance tax of 3% applies to properties worth around TRY 900,000.
  3. 10% is the tax applied to inherited properties worth around TRY 6.78 million or more.
We invite you to contact our team of inheritance lawyers in Turkey and find out everything you need to know about inheritance tax in Turkey. We also cover immigration to Turkey and related legal aspects.